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Local Businesses Contribute to Community Development - 03.07.09

The Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee is bringing local businesses and voluntary organisations into a new sphere of influence by including them in local committee meetings.

Cllr John Kennedy, Chair of the Sutton Council's Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee says;

"Community is more than just the sum total of local residents, it's all those who interact locally. Businesses are often at the heart of a successful and thriving community. We have recognised this and has taken the innovative approach of extending our reach to include businesses and voluntary organisations at our meetings."

"Business needs the community and the community needs business to survive. With the credit crunch making life difficult in the commercial sector it is important that we move forward with this initiative in order that the service provision we enjoy is secured and maintained. Likewise the work of voluntary organisations has a direct influence on local quality of life".

As part of this ground-breaking approach the last meeting of the Local Committee included the Carshalton Rotary Club who recently donated £1,000 to buy kitchen equipment for users of the Hillcrest Community Halls and made a similar major investment in refitting the kitchen at the Oaks Way Day Centre for older people. The Rotarians also organise and promote two key events in the local calendar in Carshalton Park: the annual Fireworks and Carshalton Carnival.

The Rotary Club wants to make improvements to the gates, paths and perimeter fencing in Carshalton Park to provide better public access and approached the local committee for public realm funds. They were invited to give a presentation to local residents to help them understand how their money would be spent, if they selected this project.

A local business also took part and is now working closely with the Local Committee for the good of the community. Tentacle is a design agency that recently located to Carshalton High Street and specialise in providing creative media and communications solutions and developing community wide involvement in the arts and regeneration.

Andrew Candy, director of Tentacle, says: "We are looking forward to working on a range of projects with the Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Committee to improve the local area and promote an interest in the arts. We are grateful to the Committee for the interest and support they have shown us."

Cllr Kennedy says that "By taking our local committee meetings out of Civic Offices and into the wards and by pro-actively inviting local residents, we are seeing more and more people becoming involved in decisions and debates on what happens around them. By moving forward with this initiative, business and voluntary organisations are no longer bystanders, witnessing events, but are taking part and getting closer to the people they are providing for."

Last updated: Monday, 06 July 2009

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