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Adoptive Parents Needed for Brothers and Sisters - 10.11.09

Sutton Council wants to hear from people interested in adopting groups of siblings, as part of National Adoption Week which kicked off on Monday 9 November.

In Sutton, there are over 150 children in care and a small percentage of them go on to be adopted. We are currently looking to provide families who can adopt more than one child so that brothers and sisters can stay together.

A few years ago, Marie and Jason adopted four brothers and sisters - Louise, 12, Robbie, 10, Charlotte, 9, and Andrew, 7. Sutton Council organised the adoptions.

This is their story:

"We always imagined ourselves with a big family as we come from big families ourselves. But when it didn't happen, because of fertility issues, we decided to adopt and just thought we'd do it all in one go.

"Initially we thought we'd adopt two, maybe three children. Then we saw our children's photo in Be My Parent [a publication issued by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) showing children who need families]. We felt a real pull towards them. Friends thought we were mad, but to us it wasn't about adopting four; it was about these four in particular. They're the right children for us."

Marie vividly remembers the day they first met at the foster carer's home (they had been in foster care for two years). "We saw Andrew at the window – he was two and didn't really know what was going on – then we walked in and heard this little voice say, 'It's my new mummy!' And Robbie came out and threw himself into my arms."

Jason says that from the start, they were a unit. "I remember watching a film together when Andrew had just turned three. Something scary happened and he immediately said, 'I want my sister!' and jumped into Charlotte's lap. They'd always supported each other, whereas I was still too new to be the one he would come to. It takes a while to transfer those feelings. I did feel a bit like I was on trial. I kept wondering, 'How are we doing?'.

"From very early on it felt right. We knew that whatever happened they were our kids now and we'd made that commitment to them. There's never been a question of not getting through it. We really pushed for these four. Yes, they have their bad days – if one of them did something wrong it used to take ages for the truth to come out: they all sat together on the stairs for an hour or two till someone owned up.

"But we're so lucky; we have four fantastic kids. We were as desperate to have them as they were to find a family. We get as much out of it as, hopefully, they do."

Cllr Tony Brett Young, Executive Member for Young People said: "Adoption is a lifelong commitment – it can be challenging, like all parenting, but is ultimately extraordinarily rewarding. Marie and Jason's experience of adoption shows keeping brothers and sisters together is really important so please get in touch with us if you are interested in adopting."

For further details on how to adopt with Sutton call 020 8770 4250 or go to our website

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 November 2009

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