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High Needs Block Review


As part of the Written Statement of Action, the Local Area has been working on a long term programme of work called our Ambitions for SEND programme (AfS). This programme of work came out of a review of how we spend the 'High Needs Block' (the money we receive from Government to spend on young people with SEND). 

The initial review was undertaken by an independent consultant  working with the LA, schools and other stakeholders. 

View an executive summary of the High Needs Block Review.  

What are our priorities?

The Ambitious for SEND programme focuses on three main areas of work:

- Developing our mainstream offer in Sutton for pupils with additional needs

- Reviewing and recommissioning our specialist and alternative provision

- Strengthening our approach to Preparation for Adulthood

How can I stay in touch with what is happening on the Ambitious for SEND programme? 

We will write short termly updates on what has happened on the HNBR and what is coming up next below. 

The first briefing is longer as it includes some background information and is narrated (audio of someone speaking). There are links in the presentation to further information and resources as well as contact details for officers should anyone in the Local Area want to find out more information. 

The updates that follow are shorter, more succinct summaries of the activity. We will publish termly updates on the review on the Local Offer so that stakeholders from across the Local Area can keep up to date. 

Download the High Needs Block Review Update - June 2020 (PPTX, 18.25MB)

Download the High Needs Block Review Update - November  2020 (PPTX, 534KB) 

Ambitious for SEND newsletters

You can now subscribe to the Ambitious for SEND newsletter

As a local area partnership, we are keen to keep parents up to date with what we are working on so we are also publishing termly updates that schools send out directly to parents. Copies of these communications are below (first one in November 2020):

Ambitious for SEND - June 2022 (PDF, 95KB)

Ambitious for SEND - March 2022 (PDF, 1554KB)

Ambitious for SEND - November 2021 (

Ambitious for SEND Edition 3 - June 2021 (PDF, 463.87KB) 

Ambitious for SEND Edition 2 - February 2021 (PDF, 1.22MB)

Ambitious for SEND Edition 1 - November 2020 (PDF, 1MB)

Who is working on the review / who oversees it?

The review is being overseen by the Sutton Education Partnership. The Sutton Education partnership brings together key partners from across education in the Borough - we work together to improve services for young people. 

View a copy of the Terms of Reference for the review and the Goverance arrangements.  or Download the Terms of Reference and Goverance arrangements (PDF, 150KB). 


Read Sutton's Vision and SEND Charter. 


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