Benhill Residents' Steering Group

The Council is committed to working collaboratively with residents to ensure they are fully engaged and at the heart of decision making. To support this commitment the Council has been working with residents on Benhill to set up a Residents' Steering Group (RSG). The Benhill RSG was established in the Summer (2018) and provides local residents with a collective voice and forum to share their views and shape future proposals for their estate.  With meetings held on every six weeks, the steering group provides a forum of residents to be more involved, and to work openly with the Council and other stakeholders to build trust, agree local priorities and positively influence future decisions.

Why is a Residents' Steering Group needed?

  • Gives residents a voice to be heard
  • Provides a group that works to protect the interests of residents
  • Gives residents the opportunity to work openly and collaboratively with the Council and other stakeholders
  • Provides residents with a platform to challenge and contribute to estate proposals
  • Enables residents to work together in developing a shared vision
  • Provides a respectful setting to establish local priorities, develop ideas and positively influence future decisions
  • Establishes a working group where residents can assist in the selection of specialist consultants
  • Plays a key role in monitoring the Council's commitments

A word from the late Clive Lynch, who was Chair of the Benhill Residents' Steering Group

The time to stand up and be heard is now!

I have lived on the Benhill estate for over 30 years. During this time I have raised my boys aided by the estate’s community spirit during the difficult times and in return I have tried to do my part for others. Also, during this time, I have worked as a ticket agent, childminder, student, premises manager at a well know sports club and for the last 12 years, a teacher. We now all face the possibility of a major upheaval in our lives. Before we make any choices, we need to make sure that all possible solutions are considered and make all these choices 'our own', showing everyone that this is not a fait accompli. To do this we must get as many of those living on the estate as involved as possible. All ideas will be discussed and considered, we will be trail blazers of resident led regeneration. For my own part, my main goals for any regeneration will be to ensure that Social Housing has an equal proportion of homes to leaseholders. That Social Housing is not replaced by that meaningless and much banded about expression, ‘affordable housing.’ Also, thatthe provision for accessible housing is returned and will be retained for those that need it.

I would encourage you to be involved with the Benhill Residents' Steering Group.


Contacting the Vice-Chair of the Benhill Residents' Steering Group

If you would like to discuss any ideas or issues with the Residents' Steering Group, please email.

Joining the RSG - If you would like to be part of the Benhill Residents' Steering Group or to find out more, please email.