Estate Regeneration Rehousing & Compensation Scheme

On 15th October 2018 the Council’s Housing Economy and Business (HEB) Committee approved a range of commitments and offers to ensure residents are protected and treated fairly if regeneration were to take place on their estate.

Summary of the council’s commitments and offer to secure tenants and resident homeowners

  • Secure tenants and resident homeowners will be guaranteed a right to return to a new home on their estate if a decision is taken to regenerate the site 

  • Tenancy conditions and rights will not change for existing secure tenants

  • New homes will be better designed, safer and more sustainable (e.g. easier to heat and maintain), with an improved local environment

  • ‘Home loss’ compensation and disturbance payments (e.g. removal costs, fees) will be made

  • Additional help and support will be available.

The HEB reports can be viewed on the Council’s website, by visiting the October 2018 HEB report