The Journey So Far

The Council is committed to working with residents to create better quality homes, new community facilities and a better environment for residents - providing more affordable homes for local people.

During the autumn of 2017, the Council’s Housing Regeneration team held three ‘drop-in’ consultation sessions to find out what residents like and dislike about life on the estate and what residents expect from the Council.  Residents told us that they enjoyed living on Benhill and like the size of their homes and open spaces within the estate. They also felt a strong sense of community and local pride across the estate. Residents did, however, express concerns over poor lighting, fly-tipping and a rise in the amount of crime and antisocial behaviour. You can find a summary of residents' views from these sessions here.

The Council has also been working with residents to set up the Benhill Residents’ Steering Group (RSG) to provide a platform for residents to work collaboratively with the Council and to establish local priorities and help shape future proposals for their estate. A resident Chair was appointed and a series of meetings were held to discuss a number of key topics.

Resident involvement is vital to ensuring the views and needs of residents are met. To achieve this the Housing Regeneration team held a series of 1 to 1 meetings with households on Benhill Estate - you can see the project's findings here.

Sadly, Clive Lynch (Chair of the Residents' Steering Group) passed away in October 2020.

Recently, the Housing Regeneration team worked with Phoebe Connell (Vice-Chair of the Residents’ Steering Group) to appoint an Independent Tenant and Homeowner Adviser (ITHA) for Benhill. Together we assessed four experienced Resident Advisers, before agreeing on the selection of Communities First Foundation (CFF) as the ITHA for Benhill.