If you’re over 18 and caring for an adult, you can get a carer's assessment from us. The assessment will see if you need support to carry on your caring role.

What does the assessment cover?

Find out more about carer's assessments with CarersUK, including:

  • what the assessment will cover
  • how we decide whether you get support
  • what help you might get
  • whether you'll have to pay for any support
  • information on direct payments (also called personal budgets)

What happens after the assessment?

You’ll be told whether or not your needs are high enough for you to qualify for help from us (the eligibility decision). To decide this we use the national eligibility criteria for carers: The Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2015.

If you are eligible for support, your social worker will give you more information about how help will be provided to you.

Start your carer's assessment

Contact us to ask for a carer's assessment, or complete our carer's assessment questionnaire to start your own assessment.