The cemetery facilities are available for resident (parishioner) and non residents (non parishioner) of the London Borough of Sutton.

Grave selection & chapel viewing welcome - by appointment only

1. Purchase of grave only (50 year grave rights) for burial fee see 2. below

Lawn or traditional grave rights for immediate use Parishioner Non-parishioner
New North East Border grave front row £3837 £7674
New Class A Grave Front Row, Pathway or similar Position £2951 £5902
New Class B Grave Inside Row or other Position £2001 £4002
Reclaimed Grave any Row or Position as available £1044 £2088
Cremation Grave Small 2’x2 New Ground £1350 £2700
Cremation Grave Small 2’x2’Reclaimed Ground £567 £1134
Cremation Grave Large 6’6”x2’6” Reclaimed Ground £1044 £2088
Half Grave New Ground (for Infant 2 yrs or under £509 £1018
Half Grave Reclaimed Ground (for Infant 2yrs or under) £357 £714

To reserve any above Grave for future burial use, only add 25% surcharge

Purchase of extra 25 year burial rights pro rata to current 25 year rate pro rata to current 25 year rate
Purchase of extra 50 year burial rights                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                pro rata to current 50 year rate pro rata to current 50 year rate

The legal transfer & re-registration of grave & memorial rights £108


2. Burial fee or Grave re-opening fee

Coffin Burial Adult 1 or 2 deep £1209 £2418
Coffin Burial Adult 3 deep £1389 £2778
Coffin Burial Adult 4 deep £1767 £3534
Casket Burial Adult 1 deep (subject to suitable grave space availability) £1478 £2956
Casket Burial Adult 2 deep £1646 £3292
Casket Burial Adult 3 deep £2031 £4062
Child/bBaby Burial (0-16 years) £514 £1028
(for coffin or casket burial in any grave at 1 to 4 deep as conditions will allow)    

Wooden shoring for grave backfill by public 1 or 2 deep

£311 £622
Wooden shoring for grave backfill by public 3 or 4 deep £417 £834


Cremation ashes burial (at shallow depth for adult or child)

£354 £708
Cremation ashes burial (at coffin depth for adult or child) £1209 £2418


Public grave adult burial Individual communal burial with other unrelated persons)

£1038 £2076
Public grave child burial (0-16 years £514 £1028

3. Memorial permit fees (a permit must be applied for all proposed gravestone memorial additions, repairs, renovations, etc)

Memorial permit fee kerb type memorial with 1 inscription £301
Memorial permit fee headstone type memorial with 1 inscription £242
Memorial permit fee each additional inscription £117
Memorial permit fee other additions (vase/tablet, chippings, etc) excluding inscriptions £117
Memorial permit fee public grave tablet and 1 inscription £140
Memorial permit cleaning/repair/renovation (admin fee) £28

4. Other fees

Grave planting & keep tidy per year
Maintenance of graves fees relate to single width spaces. Double width spaces are charged at twice the
single rate. Double space contracts prior to 1 April 1985 are charged at twice the single rate less 25%.
Memorial Seat, Seat Plaque or Tree price on application
Use of cemetery chapel for Sutton Cemetery service (per 30 minutes) £151
Use of Cemetery Chapel for other Cemetery Funeral service £290

Some of the above fees apply to Cuddington Cemetery, Lindsay Road Worcester Park. New burial space at Cuddington cemetery is limited to small and large cremated remains graves. New unused single burial graves do become available from time to time. For further information or advice apply to the Sutton Cemetery office as above.