The outcome of the Child Protection Conference may be that a Child Protection Plan is required.  The Plan is developed by all the professionals who work with your child and is designed to keep your child safe.

A copy of the plan will be sent to you within two working days.

If your child becomes the subject of a Child Protection Plan, then this will be under one of four categories: (actual or likely) physical harm, emotional harm, sexual abuse or neglect. A Plan can also be for more than one category, although this is less common.

Every Child Protection Plan will be reviewed regularly (the first review will take place within three months of the original Child Protection Conference). In Sutton we try to make sure no child has a Plan for over two years.

If you move away from the area, Sutton Children’s Social Care will inform the Children’s Social Care in your new area that your child has a Child Protection Plan.

Children’s Social Care will want to work together with you to ensure the Plan meets the needs of your child. Although you may not always agree with them, most Child Protection Plans are managed in voluntary agreement with parents. Most children with a Child Protection Plan live at home with their parents.