The Councillor Anti-Bullying Pledge:

"I back the Anti-Bullying Alliance and pledge to "Choose Respect", reject bullying and lead by example in my actions and interactions as a councillor."

To make sure we are united against bullying, Sutton councillors have made an anti-bullying pledge. Signatories believe in the Anti-Bullying Alliance which means they:

  • believe bullying in any form is wrong and should not be tolerated, and that any environment that encourages bullying, or shows indifference to prejudice and discrimination is unacceptable;
  • believe bullying is a behaviour choice and that anyone can be encouraged to change their behaviour;
  • support a range of positive strategies to deal with bullying and actively challenge the use of humiliation, fear, ridicule and other similar approaches in an effort to reduce bullying;
  • believe that people should be treated with respect and courtesy.

Signatories of the anti-bullying pledge

Councillor Manuel Abellan

Councillor Ben Andrew

Councillor David Bartolucci

Councillor Jenny Batt

Councillor Kevin Burke

Councillor Richard Clare

Councillor Richard Clifton

Councillor Elliot Colburn

Councillor Steve Cook

Councillor Jean Crossby

Councillor Tim Crowley

Councillor Ruth Dombey

Councillor Tom Drummond

Councillor Trish Fivey

Councillor Vincent Galligan

Councillor Martin Gonzalez

Councillor Sunita Gordon

Councillor Amy Haldane

Councillor Drew Heffernan

Councillor Marlene Heron

Councillor David Hicks

Councillor Marian James

Councillor Ed Joyce

Councillor Barry Lewis

Councillor Jayne McCoy

Councillor James McDermott-Hill

Councillor Ali Mirhashem

Councillor Annie Moral

Councillor Param Nandha

Councillor Jane Pascoe

Councillor Nali Patel

Councillor Steve Penneck

Councillor Muhammad Sadiq

Councillor Mo Saqib

Councillor Tony Shields

Councillor Jake Short

Councillor Colin Stears

Councillor Sam Weatherlake

Councillor Jill Whitehead

Councillor Chris Williams

Councillor Hanna Zuchowska