Living with Covid-19 guidance

The government’s living safely with Covid plan ends all Covid-19 restrictions in England. 

Fewer people are falling seriously ill with Covid-19, but the virus is still circulating. We need to learn to live safely with Covid.

Get vaccinated

Covid-19 vaccines have been effective at reducing the impact of the virus. If you haven’t had your first dose yet, it’s not too late to start. And don’t forget to get your booster when it’s due. 

You can book your jabs online using the National Booking Service or visit a local walk-in or pop-up vaccination clinic in Sutton.

Stay home if you are unwell 

Covid-19 isn’t the only illness that can spread easily. If you have a temperature or any of the Covid-19 symptoms, stay home and avoid meeting other people.

Wear a face covering

Wear a face covering in crowded places, especially when you’re near people you don’t know. Respect other people if they want to wear a mask.

Let fresh air in or meet outside

Covid spreads more easily in enclosed spaces. Reduce the risk by opening a window if you meet indoors, or meet outside instead.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly

This habit we’ve all got used to during the pandemic is good practice to stop germs from spreading. 

Follow NHS advice to Catch it, Bin it, Kill it

Use a tissue to catch coughs or sneezes, then bin it and wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser to kill any germs.

Some people may feel nervous about the change. Please be considerate of people who want to continue to wear a face covering or keep a safe distance. We will all learn to live safely with Covid-19 at our own pace.