Every family can go through difficult or challenging times at some point during their lives. When this happens Early Help services and support can be offered as soon as a concern is raised. When a parent/carer or professional identifies an issue for a family, the Early Help team is the first place to contact for more support. One way of offering help is to use an EHAT, to find out a bit more information about the family. 

An EHAT is a form used to help gather information about a family's circumstances to find out what is working well and what they need to make their situation better. This could be in relation to a range of issues including parenting, relationship breakdowns, social isolation or emotional wellbeing. The assessment focuses on the strengths and needs of each person in the family so that both parents/carers and children/young people can have their voice heard. It also captures the information in one document to prevent the information having to be repeated at different times to different professionals. This can ensure the right people are in place quickly to offer appropriate support and services. Effective EHATs provide an opportunity for the whole family and key professionals involved with them to work together in a clear and open way.