What is the project?

The 'Change Up' Project is a new scheme developed by the Early Help team to provide a range of interventions for children and young people at risk of exclusion or beginning to display issues that might lead to exclusion without immediate help. 

The project supports children and young people from Year 5 to Year 8 who are showing behavioural difficulties at school which stop them from making progress with their learning. There are several options that can be put in place to support a child or young person depending on their personal situation and level of need. Parental consent is needed for any support to be put in place and both parents and schools are encouraged to be involved throughout the process. 

What is the criteria for referral?

In order to refer a child or young person to the project, at least one of the indicators below must have been met. The child or young person must have: 

  1. Experienced more than 1 fixed period exclusion
  2. Been on school report to senior staff more than once
  3. A higher number of behaviour points as part of the school's pastoral system
  4. Received multiple school sanctions
  5. A sibling that has been permanently excluded
  6. A number of internal exclusions or isolations
  7. Been coming to the attention of pastoral teams on a regular basis and/or a lack of parental engagement in trying to stabilise the placement

The expectation prior to a referral to the 'Change Up' Project is that an Early Help Assessment will already have been completed with the family. 

To make a referral to the 'Change Up' Project you must complete an Early Help Request. Referrals can only be completed by education, health and social care professionals.