Education Health Care Needs Assessment Process


Weeks 1 to 6. Local Authority/Cognus receives request for EHC Needs Assessment  (EHCNA). Parents/Young Person completes All About Me. Local Authority and Multi-Agency Panel receives evidence to decide if an EHCNA is required. 

  • If EHCNA is not required, Next Steps Meeting is offered. 
  • If EHCNA is required, SEND Service requests advice from professionals. In Weeks 7 to 12 the SEND Service receives advice. 

Weeks 13 to 16. SEND Service prepares Working Document (WA). WD is sent to families and professionals. Planning meeting to develop WO. LA and Multi-Agency Panel decides if an EHC Plan is required. 

  • If a Plan is not required, Next Steps Meeting is offered. 
  • If a Plan is required, Draft Plan is issued for cosulatation with parents and/or Young Person. 

Weeks 19 to 20. Consult with education setting for placement. Confirm education placement and issue final EHC Plan. 



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