£150 Council Tax energy rebate

The UK government has announced a one-off Energy payment of £150 for people who pay Council Tax in bands A to D

Only one rebate payment will be made per household.

Check if you’re eligible

You’re eligible to receive this rebate if:

  • your property is in Council Tax band A to D (including those in band E that receive a disabled band reduction)
  • your property is your sole or main residence
  • you are liable for Council Tax and the property is not classed as:
    • a second home
    • an empty home
    • a house in multiple occupation
    • your property is exempt (other than specified exemption classes N, S, U or W)
    • the liable party is not a local authority, a corporate body or other body such as a housing association, the government or a governmental body

How to claim

If you pay by Direct Debit, you’ll automatically receive a one-off payment of £150.00 during April/May 2022 and you won't need to do anything. 

Submitting an application 

If you set up a direct debit after 1 April 2022, or you pay your Council Tax by another method you will need to make an application. An invitation to make an application will be sent to you by email, SMS or letter.

Complete the Council Tax energy rebate application form

If you are unable to complete this form, contact the Council Tax team.

What you’ll need to provide 

You’ll need to provide a copy of your most recent bank statement, showing your name, address and the bank details to which we will make the payment.

Deadline for making payments

The Council has to make these payments by 30 September 2022 and is not allowed to make payments after this date.

From 1st September 2022 any eligible customers who have not claimed their payment will have the £150.00 payment allocated to their council tax account and a new bill issued to them.

Discretionary Fund

The government has provided additional funding to local authorities, known as the Discretionary Fund to:

  • support households who are not eligible for the £150 Council Tax energy rebate, or
  • provide carefully targeted 'top-up' payments to the most vulnerable households in bands A-D.

Due to high demand, only one application per household.  

This is not a crisis payment and there may be a delay in issuing funds. Check if you’re eligible for the crisis loans and grant if you are in urgent financial need.

Check if you're eligible for the discretionary fund

A one-off payment of £150 is available if you:

  • currently receive Council Tax Reduction (CTR) and live in bands E - H 
  • live in a student-only household (exempt from paying Council Tax), in bands E – H
  • successfully apply for and are awarded Council Tax Reduction (CTR) during April 2022
  • currently receive a Class U (Severe Mental Impairment) exemption and live in bands E - H.

A one-off payment of £25 is also available to households living in bands A - D in receipt of Council Tax Reduction (CTR). This is in addition to the £150 you will receive through the standard scheme.

How to apply

You’ll receive your payment from the fund shortly if you are eligible and pay by direct debit. If you pay Council Tax another way, we will invite you to register for the payment by either email, SMS (text) or a letter with an access code.

Other available support 

Council Tax hardship fund

If you're claiming Council Tax Reduction and you are experiencing exceptional hardship, you can apply to the Council’s Hardship Fund. 

Apply for the Council Tax Hardship Fund Scheme

Household Support Fund payment 

If you are facing hardship, you can get help with your essential household costs by registering your interest in the Household Support Fund.

You can get help with food, fuel, utility bills & winter essentials.

Register for the Household Support Fund payment