Under 18, In Care or Leaving Care?

MAPS (Mentoring Advocacy and Peer Support) offer an independent service to help you to have your voice heard. You can discuss your care package, gain support with your LAC reviews or you can have support to make a complaint about your experience in or leaving care.

MAPS is part of Volunteer Centre Sutton.

Telephone: 0208 661 5900 email: advocacy@vcsutton.org.uk.

Stage 1
We will acknowledge your complaint in writing within 3 working days.

10 working days is the expected time scale for a full response. This may need to be extended, and if so we will contact you to agree a new deadline. The investigating officer may also contact you during this time to discuss or clarify your concerns.

To make a complaint, please email complaints@sutton.gov.uk. Please provide as much detail as possible, attaching any relevent emails, letters that will assist us in investigatng your complaint.

If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of someone else, we will need proof of authorisation.

Stage 2 - investigation
If you are not happy with your Stage 1 response you can contact the officer to discuss the outstanding concerns, or you can contact the Customer Care & Improvement Team complaints@sutton.gov.uk within 20 working days to request a Stage 2 investigation, stating which aspects of your complaint you remain dissatisfied with and why.

An independent investigator will be appointed to look at your complaint. They will contact you to agree the outstanding issues and will then prepare a report within 25 working days or tell you why it will take longer.

The Executive Head of Service will write to you and send you a copy of the complaint report giving you their view of the findings. If you are unhappy with the Stage 2 response, you can contact the Corporate Customer Care Team within 20 working days and request a panel review of your complaint, stating which aspects of your complaint you feel remain unresolved.

Stage 3 - panel review
The panel will be made up of independent people who are not employed by the London Borough of Sutton. We will give you 10 working days notice of the date of this review. You may choose to come to the review and can bring a friend or other representative with you.

You may prefer not to attend but give the panel all of the information in writing. Once the panel members have completed their review they will tell you and the Strategic Director of their decision and any recommendations within 5 working days.

The Strategic Director will let you know within 15 working days if the panel’s recommendations will be carried out.

If you are still not happy?
You can refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Complaints regarding schools in the borough must be referred to the school directly as all schools have a complaints process which must be applied.