The Council is responsible for the gullies (road drains) which are located on the public highway. These gullies collect the water running off the road and pavement areas.

Gullies are usually located at the edge of the kerb where the road meets the pavement and have a metal grill as a cover. Sometimes these grills can become blocked with mud or leaves and prevent the water from draining. On occasion the gullies can also get blocked or cannot handle the capacity of water flowing and overflow onto the road.

The Council operates a cyclical gully cleansing regime to clean the gullies in Sutton. The regime identifies high-risk areas which are prioritised for more frequent cleansing. Gullies are also checked during regular highways inspections.

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 the Council is required to produce a local flood risk management strategy.

The strategy has been developed with the input and guidance of the Environment Agency and has been subject to public consultation. The current strategy was published in 2014 and is under review to update the content.