Personal Budgets

The “Personal Budget” is an amount of money identified by the Local Authority (or, in the case of a personal health budget, by the NHS) in order to secure the provision, achieve outcomes and deliver aspects of support set out in an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), Short Breaks Plan or in a Care Plan. 

The personal budget is the total sum of money needed to pay for an individual’s social care. When the council assesses support needs, it will check the person is eligible for help, then work out what specific help is needed and calculate the personal budget accordingly and whether a contribution towards any support is required.

How it works

The council can spend the personal budget and organise support or  give the personal budget money to the individual in the form of direct payment.

Whichever method is agreed, a support plan showing how the personal budget will be used to meet needs will need to be agreed.   More information is available on the Sutton SEND local offer website.



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