Following the consultations at Stage 1 and Stage 2 we received wide-ranging and valuable feedback to parking proposals for Geographical Area 1.

We undertook further analysis of technical data such as parking beat surveys, a review of access issues for refuse collection and emergency services and discussed the proposals with ward councillors.

We subsequently reviewed our plans and developed targeted schemes to address areas of acute parking pressures. 

In the few areas where we are making changes a summary of the proposals include:

  • Permit parking areas (various times)
  • Free Bay schemes
  • CPZ extensions
  • Yellow lines at a range of junctions and other locations for safety purposes.
  • Some minor changes to the layout of existing zones  

The formal consultation process was split into two parts.

  • Formal consultation (closed July 25, 2019) - traffic management order for seven permit parking areas (PPAs).
  • Formal consultation (closed November 21, 2019) - traffic management order for three CPZ extensions and a PPA zone as well as yellow line proposals in various locations.