Who did we consult in Stage 1?

  • Parts of Belmont
  • Parts of Carshalton Central
  • Parts of Cheam
  • Parts of Carshalton South and Clockhouse

What we asked about in the parking survey

We asked residents about the issues in their local area related to parking, including what day and what time they found hardest to park and how many vehicles were registered at properties.

What did we find out from the parking survey?

1,641 households responded to the consultation, representing a 12% response rate.

There were responses from 252 of the 326 streets in the consultation area.

Nearly half of those who responded (49%) stated they had experienced problems parking in their street. About 44% of residents who replied to the survey said they didn't have any issues parking in their street.

60% of all respondents wanted some sort of action to address parking concerns, while 40% did not want any action.

In terms of the timing of parking concerns, across all four wards, weekdays were cited as the main concern, with 93% of respondents reporting that weekdays were the worst time for parking. 

Around three in ten (30%) of respondents were concerned about dangerous parking, on bends/road junctions and access for emergency vehicles and 28% of the respondents were concerned about the impact of non-residents parking in the area (commuters, school drop off, events) and displacement effect of CPZs/restrictions.

The majority of respondents (58%) were against the introduction of a CPZ in their street. However, when asked about displacement if a CPZ or control measure was introduced to a nearby street, there was an eight percentage point increase in support for a CPZ. 

A total of 98% of respondents indicated their household had one or more cars. 

Around four in ten households (37%) parked one or more vehicles on the public highway. 

More details and the full reports and analysis by ward can be downloaded on this page.

Geographical Area 2: stage 1 survey overview report

Carshalton Central survey report and analysis

Carshalton South and Clockhouse survey report and analysis 

Belmont survey report and analysis 

Cheam survey report and analysis

Council officers will now review the consultation responses, undertake further meetings with ward councillors and use data from parking beat surveys to determine next steps in the parking strategy for this area.