This stage of the Geographical Area three consultation was launched on September 5, 2019 and closed on October 17, 2019.

Who we consulted with in Stage 1

  • Parts of Cheam North
  • Parts of Worcester Park
  • Parts of Beddington
  • Parts of Wallington

What we asked about in the parking survey

We asked residents about whether they had a parking problem in their street, their support for or against parking controls, the types of parking controls, their views on parking displacement and how many vehicles they park on the public highway.

What did we find out from the parking survey?

3,449 households responded to the consultation, representing a 10% response rate.

There were responses from 470 of the 591 streets in the consultation area.

Half of those who responded (50%) stated they didn’t have any issues parking in their street. 

About 44% of residents who replied to the survey experienced problems parking on their street.

Of those asked, 36% supported parking solutions in their street, while the remaining 54% did not want any action. When taking into consideration potential displacement of parking, if controls were introduced to a neighbouring street, support for parking solutions increased to 47% in favour of parking solutions and 38% against.

Of those who responded 51% of residents need to park one or more of their vehicles on the public highway, while 49% are able to park all their vehicles off the street.

Respondents also raised concerns about dangerous parking, particularly on bends, and access for emergency vehicles. 

Concern was also raised about non-resident parking, along with the number of flats/households with a high number of cars taking up a disproportionate amount of on-street parking spaces.

The full consultation report along with parking beat surveys for the area can be downloaded on this page.

Geographical area 3 - consultation report

Parking beat surveys