• Who did we consult in Stage 2?

  • Parts of Cheam North
  • Parts of Worcester Park
  • Parts of Beddington
  • Parts of Wallington

What we asked about in the parking survey?

We developed these proposed parking scheme designs with the aim of resolving the feedback from the responses received during our Stage 1 consultation.

The main types of parkings schemes proposed during the Stage 2 consultation were:

Controlled parking zone (permit required)

  • Longfellow Road area (Worcester Park Ward) - CPZ proposal (resident parking permit required)
  • Lingfield Road (Worcester Park Ward) - CPZ extension proposal (resident parking permit required)

Permit parking area (permit required)

  • Barrington Road area (Stonecot Ward) - PPA proposal (resident parking permit required)
  • Moreton Road area (Nonsuch Ward) - PPA proposal (resident parking permit required)

Freebay scheme (no permit required)

  • Ross Road area (Wallington South Ward) - free bay scheme proposal (no permit required)

In addition, double yellow lines to maintain access and aid road safety were proposed at a range of locations throughout the entire Geographical Area 3 consultation area.

The consultation for this area was initially due to end on Friday, 17 April, 2020. Due to Covid-19, and to ensure residents had ample time to respond to the survey, the consultation was extended and was eventually closed Sunday, May 3, 2020.

A series of public engagement events were also held across the consultation area before lockdown was announced.

What you said?

A total of 535 households from 182 streets across the entire consultation area responded. 

There were 195 responses from households in the 28 streets where substantive parking schemes have been proposed. 

The key findings from households where parking schemes are proposed are:

  • In Moreton Road Area, a clear majority of households who responded (57%) supported the scheme proposed for their road, while in Longfellow Road Area there was a slim majority in favour or the scheme (51%)
  • Half of respondents from Barrington Road Area (50%) were against the scheme and in Ross Road Area 67% opposed the scheme for their road

When asked for what alternative parking scheme they would support:

  • Longfellow Road Area 64% favoured a CPZ and 32% a PPA , 4% Free Bays
  • In Moreton Road Area, 82% supported a PPA, 12% Free Bays and 6% a CPZ
  • In Barrington Road Area, 82% favoured a PPA and 18% a CPZ
  • In Ross Road Area for those that did not support the proposals, a PPA was favoured by 44% of respondents, with the Free Bay scheme supported by 37% and A CPZ by 19%.

Days of operation for the proposed parking scheme:

  • Longfellow Road Area and Lingfield Road Area residents would prefer the scheme to operate every day of the week
  • Moreton Road Area and Ross Road Area residents preference was Monday to Friday
  • Barrington Road Area the majority (50%) would prefer the proposed scheme to operate from Monday to Saturday.

Hours of operation for the proposed parking scheme:

  • Majority favour 8:00am-6:30pm for a CPZ or PPA in Moreton Road Area (72%), Longfellow Road Area (62%), Ross Road Area (58%) and Barrington Road Area (55%)
  • For a free bay scheme their preferred one hour of operation would be 9am to midday (Moreton Road and Ross Road areas); midday to 5pm (Barrington Road Area), while Longfellow Road Area is equally split between the two timeframes.

Residents were also given the opportunity to provide comments about the proposals. The top 5 responses by theme were:

  • Most respondents to the question were concerned about dangerous parking, on bends/road junctions, road safety for pedestrians, access for emergency and refuse vehicles
  • General comments for and against the introduction of double/single yellow lines
  • The impact of non-residents taking up parking spaces in the area, including comments about commuters, school drop offs, trade/commercial vehicles, shopping and events
  • Respondents were concerned that introducing new schemes such as a CPZ were not addressing the underlying cause(s) of the parking problems and were only moving the problem to a neighbouring area that did not have controls
  • Some respondents did not think there was a problem or indicated that they were not car owners.

The full report from the independent consultants was completed in July 2020.

Next steps

Following an initial review of the consultation results, the council is proposing to not proceed with the following proposals at the present time:

  • Barrington Road Area - PPA (Stonecot Ward)
  • Ross Road Area - Free bay scheme (Wallington South Ward)

The council will however proceed with area-wide, small-scale waiting restrictions (yellow lines) where required for safety reasons. 

Three remaining areas will be the subject of further investigation and consideration with ward councillors before decisions are taken on how to proceed. They are:

  • Longfellow Road Area - CPZ (Worcester Park Ward)
  • Lingfield Road - CPZ extension (Worcester Park Ward)
  • Moreton Road Area - PPA (Nonsuch Ward)

Requests received throughout the consultation will also be investigated and added to the proposals if considered feasible.