Independent Travel Training

Independent travel training (ITT) is a very important skill for life. ITT has shown to have positive effects on the lives of the young people trained, as well as those around them.

Successful travel training can enable families to do more things together and open up new options for the young person. Being able to travel with less support allows young people to do more social and educational activities. This helps them maintain better relationships with their peers. Independent travel skills also help to open up education and employment opportunities. This all contributes to young people leading a more fulfilled life.

By teaching young people with SEND to travel independently we aim to increase confidence, independence and choices for young people.

The individualised travel training programme includes:

  • one-to-one personalised travel trainer support
  • journey planning
  • road and personal safety skills
  • time management
  • emergency strategies
  • stranger awareness

How the training is delivered

Before any training takes place, we first meet the young person and family to assess that they are ready to be considered for ITT.  The travel assessor will explain how the programme works and the training is then tailored to meet the student’s needs.

Throughout the training there will be regular assessments of the young person’s progress. These are shared with the family of the young person.

The training is one-to-one and the young person will be accompanied at all times for the first phase. The basics are learned (such as the Green Cross Code; safe practice; how to get on and off transport; what to do in an emergency etc.).

The training process consists of four key stages:

  • learning the route
  • travelling at peak times
  • confirming the young person is safe
  • recognising their achievement
  • at no stage does the young person lose the right to other forms of assisted transport.  ITT runs alongside other forms of assisted transport.

Referrals for ITT

To make a referral for ITT you must complete the referral form and send it to the Cognus Transport Team (

Download a Travel Training Referral Form (PDF, 204KB). 

They will review the referral form and assess the information provided. A travel assessor will then organise a meeting with the family and the young person to discuss the programme in more detail.

Independent Travel Training Pilot (Nov 2021 to June 2022)

We invited schools and colleges to take part in a pilot to offer independent travel training to pupils in Sutton - delivered by school staff who know the children and young people best! Muschamp Primary School, Carew Academy and Orchard Hill College are taking part in the pilot. Nominated staff have completed their training and the programme is now being delivered within the education settings. We will keep you updated on how the pilot progresses.