Clinical Psychology


Cognus Clinical Psychology

The role of Clinical Psychology within any given service across Sutton and the UK can be varied and involve various roles and activities.  Within Cognus, Clinical Psychology plays a fundamental role with regards to assessing and diagnosing Autism for children and adolescents in Sutton, age 5 to 18 years.

1. Referral process

Referrals sent to Cognus are screened to ascertain whether they meet the criteria for further detailed assessment of social communication difficulties.

2. Assessment and diagnosis

Detailed assessments conducted and decisions made with regards to possible diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.

3. Post diagnosis support

Provide immediate post diagnosis support and signposting to other places for further support, information and advice.

4. Consultation

Clinical Psychology currently provides in-house consultation prior to the assessment process where there might be uncertainty or complexity.

There is a specialist interest in Autism for girls and in general, celebrating the strengths in the differences associated with Autism.

A text version of the Autism Pathway diagram is available here. 


Autism Pathway

Referrals are screened by Cognus Clinical Psychology Clinican to see if suitable for service. Information includes screening questionnaires, developmental history, school report, education psychology, reports from speech and lanugage and paediatrician. If



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