Medical Needs Policy - Summary

The Council has in place a Medical Needs Policy, which sets out the responsibilities of schools and the local authority to support children with medical needs, and the role of partners including health.

The policy aligns to two areas of statutory guidance from the Department of Education (DfE):

The Policy is in two parts which are as follows:

  • Part 1 (Sutton Medical Needs - LA and Sutton Tuition And Reintegration Service(STARS)): policy for the education of children and young people unable to attend school because of health needs. This policy sets out how the Council will meet its duty to ensure suitable full-time (or part-time when appropriate for the child’s needs) education of children and young people of compulsory school age who, because of health needs, would otherwise not receive a suitable education, and the role of STARS, our pupil referral unit (PRU) for medical needs.
  • Part 2 (Sutton Medical Needs in Schools): policy for supporting pupils at school with medical conditions. This provides advice to schools and education providers on their responsibilities with regards to supporting children and young people with long term medical needs.

View the Supporting Medical Conditions in School booklet. 

We have also developed a template policy for schools, which schools can adapt if they would like to, as they develop or update their own policies.

Download the Sutton Template policy for schools (DOCX 32.03KB).

Download Policy Part 1. Sutton Medical Needs - LA_STARS (DOCX 103.81).

Download Policy Part 2. Sutton Medical Needs in Schools (DOCX 167.38KB). 


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