Housing management

Hazardous materials or compounds

Your home should be a secure environment for you & your family and you should not be exposed to hazardous materials, gases or compounds, including:


  • Asbestos - a natural mineral fibre that can cause respiratory illness including cancer.
  • Biocides - includes exposure to chemicals used to treat timber and mould growth.
  • Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products - inhalation of fuel products not fully combusted can cause unconsciousness and death.
  • Sulphur dioxide and smoke - exposure can cause respiratory problems including bronchitis and breathlessness.
  • Lead - often contained in old paint and used in the past for water pipes. Ingestion can effect the nervous system and mental development.
  • Radiation -principally airborne exposure to naturally occurring Radon gas causing genetic mutation.
  • Un-combusted fuel gas - threat of asphyxiation resulting from gas leaks.
  • Volatile organic compounds - are emitted from manufactured woods, paints, glues and solvents etc and can cause irritation and allergic reaction.


Food safety

Food preparation activities comprise some of the most dangerous things we do in the home. Poorly provided kitchen facilities increase the likelihood of poor hygienic practices causing food poisoning and accidents such as falls, burns and scalds.

The adequacy of the facilities provided and their location will be dependent upon the size of household the property can accommodate. Inadequate kitchens have:


  • Cramped layouts
  • Cookers near doors
  • Inadequate work surfaces and storage facilities
  • Food preparation surfaces that cannot be readily cleaned
  • Sinks that cannot be cleaned
  • Insufficient electrical sockets for the safe use of appliances
  • Missing or insufficient hot and cold water supplies


Personal security & safety

It is everyone's right to feel safe & secure while in their home & exiting in an emergency.

Entry by intruders - homes must be capable of being secured against unauthorised entry.

Collisions and entrapment - includes risks of physical injury, from low ceilings and doors, and entrapment from windows which are partially or fully fixed closed.

Crowding, space, positioning & operability of amenities

The positioning & placement of amenities & equipment can affect your physical and mental wellbeing.

Crowding and space - lack of space is linked to a number of health problems including psychological distress and mental disorders.

Noise - this includes noise problems caused by inadequate design and construction.

Position and operability of amenities - the inappropriate positioning of amenities and equipment, for example, can cause physical strain.