Keeping safe - in your neighbourhood

If residents are victims of crime or anti-social behaviour they should call the Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. Community Trigger is a process where Sutton residents can request that the Community Safety Partnership reviews the response to their persistent complaint of anti-social behaviour (ASB).

It is designed to ensure that responsible authorities work together with Sutton residents affected to deliver a remedy to the persistent complaint of ASB.

When you can use the Community Trigger

The Trigger can be activated if you (as an individual) have reported the same incident of anti-social behaviour to the council, police and/or housing provider on three separate occasions in the last six months and you consider that there has been no action taken to offer a resolution.

How to Activate Community Trigger

If residents feel they are the victim of persistent anti-social behaviour and are dissatisfied with the response of the council, police and housing provider, they can activate the Community Trigger by

email: or write to:

Community Trigger - SSPS
Sutton Police station
6 Carshalton Road

Please download the Community Trigger application form.

Please complete the Letter of Consent if the trigger is activated by a third party on behalf of a victim.

What happens when a Community Trigger is activated

Once this is received, Safer Sutton Partnership Service (SSPS) will contact the agency/housing provider to provide details of your complaint(s) and actions taken or considered. If it is appropriate to do so your Trigger request will be discussed at a multi-agency meeting with key statutory services, housing providers and other relevant partners.

This group will review previous action(s) taken and make recommendations for discussions and include the victim's views as part of the remedy to offer a resolution. Any recommendations and agreed actions will be communicated to the victim in writing.

Review and escalation

Victims can appeal if they are dissatisfied either with the way their trigger application was dealt with or how the case review has been carried out, within 2 weeks of receiving the final response. Such an appeal will be considered by a Senior Manager within the Community Safety Partnership other than the chair of the trigger meeting. 

Where appropriate, the victim can raise the issue with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, individual agencies’ complaint process, the Housing Ombudsman Service for further review or seek legal advice.

Community trigger applications in Sutton

Financial Year No. of ASB/Community triggers received No. of cases where threshold not met No. of Community Triggers completed (threshold met) No. of cases that resulted in recommendations being made
2019-20 6 2 4 4
2020-21 5 n/a 5 5
2021-22 5 2 3 5


Sutton Community Trigger data is published on an annual basis and please see the detailed Community Trigger Procedure.