What is Hate Crime?

Hate Crime is any crime or incident where the victim, or any other person, believes it was carried out because of the victim’s identity is a Hate Crime or incident. This can be verbal or physical.

There are 5 strands of Hate crime:
Race, ethnicity, nationality
Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity

The Crime Survey of England and Wales estimates that 47% of Hate crime and incidents are not reported to police. However, the under reporting of Hate in Sutton has never been measured.

What to do if you are a victim of or witness a Hate Crime? 

Call police on the non-emergency 101 phone number, in an emergency dial 999.

Call Stop Hate UK who provide independent, confidential and accessible reporting and support for victims, witnesses and third parties on a 24 hour free 3rd party reporting number 0800 138 1625. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, the number allows the public to give information to the police with guaranteed anonymity about crime and criminal activity.

Support available: 

CATCH Partnership https://www.catch-hatecrime.org.uk/about-the-partnership

The Community Alliance To Combat Hate (CATCH) is a way for people who have experienced hate to get the maximum amount of help with a minimum amount of hassle.

 The alliance is the first of its kind, bringing together six community organisations from different hate crime strands. We're here to give advice, support and advocacy if you experience hate because of your:

  • race

  • religion

  • disability

  • sexual orientation and/or

  • gender identity.

Inclusion London

The only pan-London Deaf and disabled People's Organisation (DDPO) that promote Deaf and Disabled people's equality and inclusion by supporting DDPOs across London and campaigning for rights for Deaf and Disabled people across every London borough. Through these organisations, our reach extends to over 70. 

The London DDPO hate Crime Partnership supports a Pan-London network of Deaf & Disabled People's Organisations offering frotong line services and support to Disabled victims of crime, so no Disabled person need suffer alone.


Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community

Race means any group defined by race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin, including countries within the Uk, and Gypsy, roma or Irish Travellers, Gypsies of English, Welsh or Scottish origin, Irish Travellers and Roma have a long-standing travelling heritage in many parts of the UK and Europe. 

For much of their history, they have been subject to hate & marginalisation, as ethnic minority groups and, as such, are entitled to the full protection of equality legislation.  Gypsy people are also known as Romany Gypsies and are related by origin to the Roma. The name Gypsy came from the mistaken belief that they came from little Egypt or the Middle East. The Gypsy people actually originated in India, the Romany language being derived from Sanskrit. 

Traveller Movement


Gateherts: www.gateherts.org.uk

Online Hate Crime: 

Online Hate Crime is any form of discrimination that takes place on the internet. This can include: 

  1. Pictures on Facebook
  2. Videos on Twitter
  3. Music on YouTube
  4. Messages on WhatsApp

Basically any form of media or communication in any online capacity, including social media, websites, dating apps, phone apps, streaming services can be hate crime material. 

The Uk Safer Internet Centre is partnership of three leading charities - Childnet, Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and South West Grid for Learning (SWGFL - with a shared mission to make the internet a better place for children and young people. 


helpline: 0344 381 4772


Repot Harmful Content Online has been designed to assist everyone in reporting harmful content online by empowering everyone who has come across harmful content online to report it. 


National Third Party Reporting Centres: 

True Vision


Monitoring Group

020 7582 7438



0800 555 111 



0800 032 3263