Councillor Trish Fivey - the current Mayor of the London Borough of Sutton

On Monday 23 May 2022, Sutton Council held its Annual Council meeting where Councillor Trish Fivey was re-appointed as the Mayor of Sutton for a third term of office. 

Born in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, and one of nine children, Councillor Trish Fivey, has been a Sutton councillor since 2014.  She has lived in the borough for over 40 years where she brought up her two daughters and founded a number of successful businesses. 

On her re-appointment, Councillor Fivey said:

“Now that things are back to normal, I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to complete a Mayoral year without interruptions or the cancellation of Mayoral events.  I also feel passionate about visiting the local schools, which is a key role for the Mayor of the borough”.

Councillor Stears has been appointed as Deputy Mayor for the next year.

Councillor Stears said “Trish is an exceptional person with many qualities vital for this role. I very much look forward to our Mayoral year together.”