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Government seeks views to improve lives of people with Down's syndrome

Government launches call for evidence to ensure better access to health, education, social care and housing for people with Down’s syndrome.

People with Down’s syndrome, families, professionals and charities are invited to share their experiences and expertise which will be used to shape new guidance.

Find out more about the Call for Evidence (external link). 

The HOPE Study (Health Outcomes of young People throughout Education)

The HOPE study is a new study at UCL and is funded by the National Institute for Health Research Programme for Applied Health Research. The Hope Study is investigating the impact of adjustments for special educational needs or disability (SEND) on children’s health using linked education and hospital data for all children in England (the ECHILD database).

The findings will enable policy makers, service providers and users to make evidence-informed decisions about benefits from SEND provision for health and education and which children benefit.

Find out how to get involved (external link). 

Give your views

The Department for Education are seeking views on the deadline for a local authority issuing proposals to amend an Education, Health and Care plan following a review.

Local authorities have various duties over when and how they must review an individual’s Education, Health and Care plan. The Department is consulting on whether they should:

  • have an additional four weeks after review meetings to finalise any changes they propose to a plan; and

  • have to circulate material for a review meeting a week earlier than currently.

Give your views here (external link). 

The British Sign Language Bill has received Royal Assent and has passed into law.

The BSL Act 2022 recognises BSL as a language of England, Wales and Scotland. Read more about the British Sign Language Bill (external link). 

Accessible versions of the green paper (29 March 2022)

The Department for Education has published accessible versions of the green paper, including:

  • a full British Sign Language version to support those who are deaf or have a hearing impairment

  • an easy-read version to support those with learning disabilities

  • a guide to help children and young people with SEND or those in alternative provision to understand the green paper and respond to the consultation

The consultation period is being extended until 22 July 2022, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to take part in the consultation.  Respond to the consultation here (external link). 

View the Accessible versions of the green paper (external link).

Education Secretary's open letter to children and young people on SEND reform (31 March 2022)

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi has written to all children and young people about how he and the Government are going to change the ways that children with special educational needs and disabilities are supported. 

Read the letter from the Education Secretary (external link). 

Changes to the law and guidance about making your own decisions (17 March 2022)

The government is making changes to the rules about making your own decisions. They are updating the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice and considering a new system of safeguards - the Liberty Protection Safeguards. 

Learn more about the consultation (external link). 

Find an easy-read outline about the consultation (external link). 

Covid 19

Find Coronavirus (Covid 19) Information for Parents and Carers.

COVID - what parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges (27 November 2021)

The government continues to manage the risk of serious illness from the spread of the virus. The Prime Minister announced on 27 November 2021 the temporary introduction of new measures as a result of the Omicron variant.Read the message from the Department of Education (external link).

Preparing for Adulthood - Parent/Carer Event (8 December 2021)

Find resources from the event, which was held, virtually, on Wednesday 8th December.

Read the slides from the presentation.

Read Questions and Answers from the event.

Download the Preparing for Adulthood Pathway guide (PDF, 594.55KB).

Download the Preparing for Adulthood Transition tool (PDF, 82.48KB)

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The Big Ask (September 2021)

Over half a million young people answered the Big Ask survey. This was the largest ever survey for children in the world. Read The Big Answer (external link).