Occupied property Council Tax exemptions

A property is exempt if any person who would be liable to pay Council Tax has a "relevant association" with a visiting force from a country to which the Visiting Forces Act 1952 applies. A person has a relevant association with a visiting force if he or she is:

  • A member of that force, or a member of a civilian component of the force


  • A dependant of a member, provided that the dependant is not a British citizen or is not ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom

A dwelling owned or rented by a person with a relevant association is exempt even though other people may live in the dwelling who do not have such an association.

The exemption does not apply if the person associated with the visiting force would not be liable to pay the Council Tax.

If you think that your property or your current situation falls under this exemption please apply for a council tax exemption using our online form below. Please attach a letter from the force concerned, to confirm that the criteria is met.