Our Budget 2020/21

On Monday 2 March councillors approved our ambitious 2020/21 budget

Our budget sets out how we will invest £148million in the services that matter most in support of our Ambitious for Sutton priorities, including:

£48million in social care that protects adults £40million supporting children when they need us most including special educational needs and disabilities
£6.5million in waste services and street cleaning £4.9million in repaving and maintaining our roads £1.2million in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour through the Safer Sutton Partnership £5.5million in cultural services, libraries and leisure centres

This year we are also investing £82million in new affordable housing, highways, shopping spaces, the London Cancer Hub and new and expanded schools.

Almost two-thirds of our budget is spent caring for older people, looking after children, supporting people with learning difficulties and helping disabled people live independently.

These are some of the most important services we provide, but also the most expensive. On average it costs...

£9.7million a year for care homes for older residents £6.9m a year for foster placements for vulnerable children £6.5m a year to empower adults with learning difficulties through supported living
£315k a year to run a local library £9k a year for the grit used to help keep our roads safe £620k a year to keep our street lights on

The challenge 

60% less government funding since 2010 in real terms £13m more savings we need to make by 2022/23 £200 less to spend per person in Sutton since 2010
£1m more needed this year alone for adult social care £300k more needed this year to support children and their families in need We've declared a climate emergency which needs urgent action

Your council tax

Your council tax protects the most vulnerable, while helping us deliver our ambitious projects to bring new jobs, homes and improvements to Sutton. 

So that we can continue to do this, we have taken the difficult decision to increase council tax by 1.99% this year. This will help us cover our costs (due to rising prices) and contribute towards the increasing costs of caring for those who need us.

We are also using the Government’s adult social care tax, also known as the adult social care precept, to introduce a further 2% increase. 

There is a national crisis in funding for adult social care. The Government has decided that, in order to manage the increasing costs and demands on adult social care, local authorities have to cover the funding gap themselves by taxing residents. 

This is not a decision we made lightly. Without proper funding from central Government it is the only way we can raise the money we need to look after people in Sutton when they need us.

52p extra council tax + 53p extra for adult social care = £1.05 more a week for a Band D property = raising an extra £4million

The table below shows the total amount payable by each household (receiving no discount), in each band, for a full year in 2020/21.

Find out more about your council tax, ways to pay and what to do if you are worried about not being able to pay.

Note: We only set our share of the council tax. Part of the money is collected by the Council on behalf of the Greater London Authority (GLA) and is used to pay for the services provided by that authority. The amount of money you pay towards the GLA is shown below and separately on your bill.


Sutton Council general

Sutton Council
ASC precept


Total council tax