Our Budget 2020/21

Meet Marjorie. Our Short Term Assessment and Reablement Team (START) helped her find her feet after a stay in hospital. This is just one of the amazing things your council tax helps us do.

Next year we’re investing £48m in social care, including START, that supports and empowers people like Marjorie. 

But we face big challenges. Almost two-thirds of our budget cares for and protects vulnerable children and adults, and the number of people who need these services increases every year.

This year alone we need to budget for an almost £1million increase in the cost of adult social care due to our aging population.

We're balancing priorities like clean streets, good parks and safe roads with the need to protect the most vulnerable. It’s not always easy, but your council tax helps us look after people when they need our help.

What is the Government’s adult social care tax?

Adult social care is provided for people who need support and personal care (as opposed to treatment) to live well because of illness, disability or old age.

There is a national crisis in funding for adult social care. The Government has decided that, in order to manage the increasing costs and demands on adult social care, local authorities have to cover the funding gap themselves by taxing residents. The Government’s adult social care precept, also known as the adult social care tax, gives Councils the power to raise money for adult social care through an additional 2% council tax increase.

We therefore have little choice but to apply the the adult social care tax, in addition to the proposed 1.99% council tax increase, this year. This funding is then ring-fenced for adult social care.

It’s not a decision we made lightly. Without proper funding from central Government it is the only way we can raise the money we need to look after people in Sutton when they need us.