The Early Years SEND advisors, support all childcare providers in Sutton, providing information, advice and training on meeting the needs of children with SEND who are in a Sutton childcare setting.

Disability Access Funding(DAF)

Childcare providers can receive £800 per year to support children aged 3 and 4 years of age, who are in receipt of DLA to access their universal free entitlement. Please speak to your childcare provider on how they can use this funding to best support your child.

To note: Schools are not able to claim DAF funding for children in a Reception class.

Inclusion funding

All early years providers are able to receive inclusion funding termly to support the needs of children with emerging SEND receiving their free childcare entitlement. The amount allocated to providers is determined by the level of needs of all the children with SEND attending the setting.

This funding is intended to support the early identification of children's needs and inclusive practice. Providers may use this funding flexibly to respond to the needs of the children attending on a termly basis. Therefore, every provider may use this fund differently. Please contact your childcare provider to find out how they use this fund.

Support and Advice

Suttons Family Information Service offers a brokerage service that supports parents to find suitable childcare.

Further information on support and advice available for families with children with SEND can be found on Suttons Local Offer.

More information on the service provided by Cognus Limited is available on their website