Managing your Health

Annual Health Checks

If you are over 14 and on your doctor’s learning disability register, you can have a free health check once a year. You can ask to go on the learning disability register.

For more information about annual health checks, visit the NHS website (external link).

You can call your doctor to ask for an Annual Health Check.

Mencap has an easy read guide about the learning disability register.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

CAMHS helps young people with their mental health, emotions and behaviour. You have to be under 18 and have a Sutton doctor. You need to be referred to CAMHS by a doctor or school or others.   

Online mental wellbeing support

Kooth is an online service. They have counsellors, therapists and support workers who can support you. Visit the Kooth website to learn more (external link).

Off the Record is a free  service for young people aged 11-25.  They offer counselling services and online workshops. Visit Off the Record (external link).

Banardos offer practical and emotional support. Learn more about Barnardos (external link).

Planning for becoming an adult

The law says that if you are likely to need support when you are an adult (age 18), the local authority must assess you. You, a parent or a carer can ask for an assessment.

Young people's sexual health

Check It Out are a team of nurses and advisers. They help young people with relationships and sexual health. Find the referral form for Check It Out (external link).

Easy Eye Tests - Eye tests for people with learning disabilities

It is very important to have an eye test every two years or more often.

An eye test helps you to have healthy eyes and to see well.

To use the Easy Eye Tests service in Sutton, your doctor must be in Sutton. You can use the service if you are aged 14 or over.

Visit the SeeAbility website for more information on eye health (external link).


If you are under 18 and looking after someone in your family who is ill or disabled, then you are a carer. You may help them by staying at home, helping them get dressed, do lot of cleaning or shopping. Learn more about support for young carers.

If you’re over 18 and caring for an adult, you can get a carer's assessment. The assessment will see if you need support to carry on your caring role. Read more about the carer's assessment.

Public Toilets (disabled toilet facilities)       

Changing Places toilets have extra things, like a hoist and more space.

You may need a ‘Radar’ Key to access the toilet.

Visit the Changing Places website to find a disabled toilet (external link).

Find out how to  purchase a radar key for a small charge (external link).

Sport and Leisure clubs   

Sutton has 4 main leisure centres. Find out more about the leisure centres.