There are lots of people and websites to help you think about your future.

It is important to think ahead and make choices that will lea you closer to your goal.

Do not worry if you are unsure about what you want to do in the future for a career. Focus on your strengths and things you enjoy. Talk to your family and people who support you to help you make your decisions.

Here are some people that can support you:

Advice may help you to understand your rights. It can also help you to reach your career goals.

It is against the law to treat someone unequally an unfairly because of their disability. Many disabled people find it hard to get into work and stay in work.

Getting advice can help you. You can look at your choices, learn about funding and find support.

Here are some places you can find support:

If you want to set up your own business, read our employment pages.

Combining work and study - Traineeships, Supported Internships and Apprenticeships

If you do not want to study full time, you may want to train and study at the same time. You may not get paid.

  • Traineeships

This is a course where you also get work experience. You can also study maths and English. You have to be aged 16 to 24 or up to 25 with an Education Health and Care Plan.

You can search traineeship opportunities in your area on the GOV.UK website (external link)

Visit London Learning Consortium for other traineeship opportunities (external link). 

  • Supported Internship

Supported internships are for young people with an Education Health Care Plan. You will be on placement, learning skills for work. You will also get help from a tutor.You have to be aged 16 to 24 with an Education Health and Care Plan.

  • Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a mix of on-the-job training and study. You will be paid.

Apprenticeships near me: you can search for local apprenticeship opportunities in your area at Gov.uk Find an Apprenticeship (external link).

  • Other Programmes

Visit our website for other programmes

  • Volunteering 

Volunteering can give you experience and make you feel part of your community. Volunteer Centre Sutton can help you find a role. You do not get paid for volunteering.

Visit the Volunteer Centre Sutton website (external link). 

The Open Doors project can help people with disabilities to volunteer.

Visit the Open Doors project website to learn more (external link).

Applying for a job - Programmes and Grants

You may need help when you are looking for a job. A company called Choice Support can help you.

They will help you to :

  • write your CV and fill out application forms
  • search for jobs
  • prepare for interviews and go with you, if you want
  • understand your rights

Visit our website for information about programmes).

Once you get a job, you may be able to get help and support  through Access to Work funding for things like:

  • special equipment
  • changes to the workplace
  • a support worker
  • Job coach
  • Travel Training

The Access to Work grant scheme could provide support to enable people with disabilities or health conditions to start a new job or stay in work. Visit the Access to Work website (external link).

Training and Programmes

Here are some organisations that run programmes to help with your skills and training:

Positive Directions (external link).

Prince's Trust (external link).

Advice and Information

Here are some useful resources to help you when thinking about employment.