Planning for the Future

Becoming an adult can be scary.

You will start to think about what you will do when you leave school. You will think about what help you may need.

SEND Support Plan

Schools and colleges use SEND Support to help you if you have special needs or a disability.

This may be extra help from a teacher or support worker. It may be working in a small group. It may be using special equipment.

Your SEND Support plan will be looked at with you and your family every term.

Your Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan)

You may need more help. You may get extra help from an Education Health and Care Plan.

You have the right to get the help that is in your EHC Plan.

If your needs change, the plan may change.

Year 9 EHC Plan Reviews

In year 9, people who look after you, will talk to you about becoming an adult. They will talk to you about what you would like to do in the future.

The review is when people will see how you are doing. There will be a meeting. Before the meeting people will say how you are doing. You can see what they say. In the meeting people can suggest changes to the EHC plan.


The time when you move from children’s services to adult services is called ‘transition.’

You may still need care and support after you are 18. If you are likely to need support after you are 18, Sutton Council will hold a child’s needs assessment.

If the assessment shows you will not get support from Adult Social Care, you will still get advice.

The focus should be on you and what you can do, not on your disability or condition.

You should be given a worker at age 17 to help you with the assessment.

Information about Advocacy Services

An Advocate is an adult who helps you to get your feelings and views heard. They can help you to understand your rights, make a complaint or understand things.

You may be able to make choices but need help in other ways, such as to fill out forms or look at courses.

Where to look for Support and Information

SIASS gives free advice and support about education, health and social care. Visit the SIASS website for details (external link). 

Parent/carers can also find out about information and support through Sutton Parent/Carer Forum. The Forum aims to make sure that services meet the needs of disabled children and their families.Visit the Sutton Parent/Carer website (external link).

Care Leavers can visit the Local Offer for Care Leavers (external link). 

For careers advice, check your school setting website for the name of the Careers Advisor.

Contact helps families with advice and information. They bring families together in local groups and online. Visit Contact website to find out more (external link). 

The Preparing for Adulthood programme helps your people and families move to adulthood. Visit the Preparing for Adulthood programme (external link). 

Personal Budgets and Support Plans

Families and young people with an Education Health Care Plan can ask for a Personal Budget.

You do not have to have a Personal Budget.

You can find out more about Personal Budgets here.

You can watch a video about Personal Budgets here.