Information about Advocacy Services

An Advocate is an independent adult who helps you to get your opinions, views and feelings heard by the adults who are making decisions about you. The Advocate can support you to have your voice heard or represent you in meetings where decisions are made about you to:

  • understand your rights, 
  • make a complaint if you are not happy about something
  • ensure your views and feelings are heard and that you are fully involved in decisions about your lives
  • understand a process

Advocacy for All is commissioned by the Local Authority to deliver Chidrens and Young People Advocacy in Sutton. Visit the Advocacy for All website (external link).  The service is available to children and young people who are looked after, a care leaver or child subject to a child protection (or likely to be at an initial child protection conference) plan aged 8 years upwards. 

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is a comprehensive legal framework for decision making for people who lack capacity to make particular decisions for themselves.

Even if you can make some choices independently, you may still need help in many ways, for example with form filling or exploring course options.

Making increasingly complex choices is a skill that has to be learned like any other, and this should be part of your preparation for moving into adult life from the earliest years.


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