Moving from children's social care to adult's social care

"Transition" describes the time in a young person’s life when they are leaving children’s services,entering adulthood and may be eligible for adult services.

Sutton Council has a duty to undertake a child’s needs assessment for any child who is likely to have needs for care and support after becoming 18 and where it would be of significant benefit to do so (Care Act 2014, s.58).   

This applies to:

The Care Act specifies there are likely to be three groups who may need a transition assessment:

• Children likely to need care and support after turning 18 and into adulthood.

• Adult carers of children who will be turning 18 and who are likely to have ongoing care and support needs.

• Young carers who will be turning 18.

A Care Act Assessment is completed to identify needs, life goals and aspirations. The assessment if completed jointly by Children and Adult Services, using the EHC Plan (if appropriate) for guidance and information.

If the assessment identifies that the young person has needs but these are not eligible for support from Adult Social Care, then the local authority is still required to provide advice and guidance about alternative ways of meeting social care needs. This includes signposting the local offer. 

In Sutton, a young person in the Children and Young Person Disability Service (CYPDS) should be allocated a worker at the age of 17 to complete the assessment. 

Transition should be an ongoing process rather than a single event, and tailored to suit the child's needs using a person-centred approach. This is when the focus is on the person and what they can do, not their condition or disability. Support should focus on achieving the person's aspirations and be tailored to their needs and unique circumstances.


02/11/2021, 11:45:10