School Applications for Ukraine arrivals

Firstly we would like to warmly welcome individuals and families from Ukraine to Sutton.

По-перше, ми хотіли б тепло вітати окремих людей та сім'ї з України в Саттоні.

We are providing the information below to assist host families and Ukrainian families themselves, with making school applications for Sutton Schools.

Whilst families arriving through this scheme have a right to access a school place for children of school age, families should apply for a school place through the established process, this would be through the process known as 'In-year admissions'.

The statutory school age for schools in England is the term after a child turns 5 rather than age 7 as it is in Ukraine. Therefore it will be necessary to make a school application for every child aged 5 or over.

For children whose date of birth falls between 1 September 2017 – and 31 August 2018, these children will be due to start school in September 2022. An online application should be made through the eadmissions website.

For children who would be in Year Groups, 12 and 13 Preparing for Adulthood - Further Education - Sutton Council

Information is provided on our website regarding all families arriving in Sutton from any country overseas and this guidance remains the same for all UK arrivals. Apply for school places in Sutton from overseas - Sutton Council.

Once your/the family has arrived in Sutton you will need to make an Individual school application for each child: Sutton in-year application form. Please also use our vacancy checker to see where we have been advised of school place vacancies within Sutton schools (this is updated during term time only):

Sutton schools vacancy checker (in-year admissions) - Sutton Council

Although government guidance may change we currently require the following documents to support an application:

  • For each application - Proof of Arrival in the UK (e.g. travel confirmation, stamped passport/visa/paperwork)
  • Where families are arriving through the Homes for Ukrainians Scheme, we will not need any additional documents other than the proof of arrival to support an application. On exception we may need to ask for additional information, and where this is the case we will contact you with further details.
  • Where families arriving through another scheme, or the normal visa process, but staying with family or friends, we will require a letter/email from the family they are staying with, confirming their full names and those of the family residing with them

The majority of Sutton schools are either Academy, Voluntary Aided or Foundation schools, which means they provide their own outcomes on whether a school place can be offered (once they have been advised by the Sutton school admissions team of a request for a place). Therefore please be aware of school holiday dates as this will delay outcomes. Whilst school applications can be processed by the school admissions team during this time and referred to the school/s we are unable to provide you with the school's waiting list positions or when an outcome letter or offer may be made.

If you wish to apply for schools in other local authority areas you will need to apply to that authority directly. Most school admissions departments will also refer to these as 'in-year' applications, but some may refer to these as 'mid-term' admissions.

You can make applications with more than one local authority, our neighbouring local authority website links are below:





For families wishing to educate their children at home for a few months or longer-term, please see the link below regarding Home Education:

Elective Home Education – Cognus

Please also see the link below from the website regarding school places and childcare

How do families arriving from Ukraine apply for a school place and childcare? / Як родинам, що приїжджають з України, подавати заяви на отримання місць у школі та допомоги з оплати послуг з догляду за дитиною? - The Education Hub (

Please email with your application and supporting documents or if you have any questions.