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Contact to discuss child needs

The school aims to provide for the special educational needs of all our pupils as they are defined in our SEN Policy which can be accessed on the school website. In the first instance, please contact the Form Tutor or Year Team if you have any concerns about your child. If the concerns are in regard to social, emotional, development or learning needs please contact the SENDCo directly.

Assessing children

We conduct baseline testing in literacy and numeracy for all new entrants in order to identify any additional learning needs that may require support. In addition, there is continuous teacher assessment within the subjects and more formal data collections twice a year.

Informing parents and carers

If your child is deemed to have significant additional needs and is on the SEN register, then there will be additional termly review meetings to trach progress towards outcomes and evaluate interventions. All parents will be contacted through an email to let them know when a new school report is available to view through our online platform, Frog. 

Updates on progress

There are data collections twice a year which are communicated home through Frog, in addition to an annual parents' evening - these are now being held online. Data collections are turned into reports which highlight whether a child is making progress or not. 

If a child is not making progress

Every year group has a Head of Year who monitors the progress and attainment of a year group and who will liaise with the Inclusion Team in regards to whether additional intervention is required. Additional support may be documented by a Learning Plan.  We may seek external support for children continuing to experience significant difficulty – this could involve an application for Education Health and Care Plan assessment.


Greenshaw is a mainstream secondary school that is forward-looking without limits; a dynamic community; welcoming to all; a family which values the journey and the destination. Our curriculum provision is designed to enable teachers and students to realise our vision in classrooms, around the school and in everything we do by providing an inclusive, diverse and rich experience to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and capacity for growth that they will need in the future. In all of our classrooms we aim for outstanding practice. Grouping arrangements are organised to carefully maximise learning opportunities for all. 

Adapting for child needs

At Greenshaw we seek to organise and deliver our teaching on the principle of equal opportunities for all students. All students therefore are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is relevant to their individual needs.

Teacher flexibility on child needs

Teachers are trained in special educational needs through their initial teacher training which is consolidated through in-house training run by the Inclusion Team and are therefore skilled at adapting the curriculum according to individual need.

Additional support

We will seek to meet children's needs in stages, matching the level of help to the needs of the child. Additional adults may be used to help groups of students to develop their independent working skills. We may also deploy additional literacy and numeracy groups at Key Stage 3 to support students to reach their outcomes. At Key Stage 4, we consider all students' individual needs and may tailor some alternative provision programmes to meet the needs of the students.

Learning strategies

Our work with students who have special educational needs is in line with the Code of Practice which is issued by The Department for Education. Our aim is to identify students with special educational needs, assess those needs in consultation with parents and the students themselves and plan an appropriate graduated response.

Meeting child needs

For children who are on the SEN Register, teachers are provided with Strategy Sheets giving them the information they require in regards to the individual child’s needs. Therefore planning takes account of individual students’ needs.

Access to exams

Access arrangements are special arrangements to ensure a student is not disadvantaged in an exam. In order to be eligible for access arrangements, there needs to be a clear history of need which can be evidenced by specialist testing and the student's usual way of working in the classroom. We conduct baseline testing for all new entrants which helps us to identify if there are any students who may benefit from access arrangements. In addition, teachers can refer any student within the school for further testing by our specialist in-house assessors.

Access arrangements

If your child is eligible for access arrangements, you will be informed by letter.

Comfort, safety and socialising

Greenshaw has a strong ethos of pastoral care which we feel is exemplified through our Year system. Where it has been identified that additional support for social and emotional needs is required, the Inclusion Team can refer to either internal or external specialist services which include: Mentoring including Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs), groups to develop Social Skills and/enhance self-esteem; access to specialist support e.g. CAMHS; Speech, Language and Communication; behaviour management; lunchtime and after-school clubs

Social and emotional skills

In addition to specialist services, Greenshaw supports social and emotional needs through: home/school liaison; planners; school’s on-line information system (FROG); report cards; shared target setting; staff presence at breaks and lunch, before and after school; use of CCTV; preparation for high school.

Tier 2 / Early Help Support in the Community

1:1 and small group support; in-school Emotional mentoring Support (EMS); parents are supported by class liaison with the student's keyworker. 


There is a robust Anti Bullying Policy in place which seeks to support individuals and their families. Through the PSHE curriculum, we seek to educate children about how they can be more emotionally literate and discuss topics such as healthy relationships to ensure that the students are empowered in their own lives.

Disability support

Greenshaw has an accessibility plan which takes into account our duties under the Equality Act 2010. We have a lift and some wheelchair access in parts of the school.

Accessing lessons

Greenshaw makes use of some resources which allows us to make reasonable adjustments to enable students to access the curriculum. These include coloured overlays, adapted scissors and rulers, pencil grips. If specialist equipment is required, Greenshaw will make appropriate reasonable adjustments to meet the individual’s needs.

Who we work with

Greenshaw works with a range of external agencies such as:
• Educational Psychologist
• Sensory Impairment Service
• Autism Spectrum Disorder Service
• School Nurse
• Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
• Youth Offending Service
• Special Educational Needs Team
• Social Care
• Speech and Language base (on-site access)

Other agencies

When appropriate and there is agreement between the school and student and/or parents/carers, Greenshaw will refer to an external agency for support, guidance, strategies or advice to ensure that the student is able to access the curriculum.

Informing parents and carers

Parents/Carers will be kept informed via telephone/email/letter and consent is sought before a referral is made to an external service. There are rare occasions when, for Child Protection issues, it would be inappropriate to seek parental consent for a referral to Social Care, however, the vast majority of the time, consent is sought.

Helping your child settle with confidence

Transition to High School from Year 6 to 7 is supported through a number of mechanisms:
• Visits to primary schools by Greenshaw staff;
• All students invited to a testing day;
• Parents and child invited in for an interview;
• Induction Day for all students where they will meet their tutor and tutor group;
• Additional induction day for students who are the only child attending from their primary school.

Students with identified needs also receive the following:
• Additional Induction afternoon;
• an invite to Summer School;
• Additional visits to primary school by Greenshaw staff.

Transition from KS3 to KS4 in Year 8 is supported by:
• Options evening and talk;
• Subject specific information on school’s on-line information system;
• Student interview with Senior staff.

Students with identified needs also receive the following:
• Group discussion to ensure students’ understanding of process;
• A staff advocate at the student interview;
• Direct communication from key staff at Greenshaw and parents.

Transition from KS4 to Post-16 for students with identified needs is supported by:
• Support to complete college or university application forms/CVs;
• Careers advice and guidance;
• Interview practice.

Extended School Day

Greenshaw have a number of extended day activities available for pupils to access:
- Breakfast club
- Sporting activities
- Creative, expressive and performing arts
- Digital arts

As well as various department led activities.


All school policies can be found here:


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