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STARS Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service STARS is a Pupil Referral Unit for children who are unable to attend school due to medical need (including mental health)

Address: Drapers Centre, Carshalton, Surrey

Postcode: SM5 4NR

Contact: Maggie Pursglove – Assistant Head (SENDCo)

Telephone: 020 8404 3124



Contact to discuss child needs

Debbie Gifford – Deputy Head Teacher

Maggie Pursglove – Assistant Headteacher - SENDCo

About the school

STARS (Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service) is a Pupil Referral Unit for children who are unable to attend school due to medical need (including mental health). We aim to reintegrate pupils back into mainstream, or specialist provision if appropriate, when they are well enough to attend.
All pupils at STARS have met our admissions criteria.
A referral to our service needs to be agreed by an appropriate medical practitioner.

Assessing children

We liaise closely with your child’s referring school. We conduct baseline testing in literacy and numeracy for all new pupils in order to identify any additional learning needs that may require support.

Teachers regularly monitor and assess pupil’s progress and attainment and use the information to respond to individual needs.

Standardised tests are sometimes used.

Informing parents and carers

There are a number of opportunities through the academic year for parents to talk with staff. We invite parents to attend structured conversations and academic reviews with staff. Parents also receive termly progress reports and a full end of year report.

Updates on progress

Parents are updated half termly through an academic review with subject teachers and a structured conversation with an allocated member of staff.

If a child is not making progress

If your child is not making progress, the subject teacher will discuss this with you during the meetings as listed above, or will make an appointment to speak to you at the earliest opportunity to discuss any concerns.

If you are concerned about your child we encourage you to make an appointment to discuss this with us.

Following this, some pupils may receive additional support, which will be documented by an individual Plan / Provision Map which will be closely monitored. The support may be given by staff at STARS or via referral to an outside agency e.g. OT

If your child continues to experience significant difficulty, after appropriate intervention and support from outside agencies, they may be put forward for an assessment of their special educational needs. This will be through a request for an Education and Health Needs Assessment by the Local Authority.


Pupils in key stage 3 and 4 attend the Drapers Centre where the average class size is eight. Core subjects in Maths, English and Science are provided in addition to other curriculum areas e.g. art, cookery and PE. Enrichment visits and careers programs are also provided. Pupils in key stage 4 are able to take GCSEs as well as vocational qualifications.

Pupils in key stage 1 and 2 receive one to one tuition. This may be in the home or a hospital setting, according to need.

If pupils are too unwell to attend school, teaching staff may offer tuition at home or in the community.
There is a teaching room at the Royal Marsden Hospital, and bedside tuition is available at Queen Mary’s Hospital.

Adapting for child needs

Pupil timetables may be adjusted according to need as agreed by Senior Leadership after consultation with health professionals, pupils and parents.
Occasionally online learning may be provided for short periods.

Teacher flexibility on child needs

Teachers use a varied range of strategies to ensure lessons are differentiated to support all pupils make good progress.

Teachers are trained in special educational needs through their initial teacher training which is further developed through in-house and external professional development and training.

Additional support

A pupil will be offered additional support for learning or social and emotional needs where this has been identified.
This may include in school support or support from an outside agency e.g. e.g. Therapy dog, Occupational or SALT

We have staff who trained to deliver emotional support e.g. ELSA, Zones of regulation, Drawing and Talking

We have strong links with CAMHS at tier 3 as well as tier 4 services.

The school nurse works closely with STARS and is able to support and advise STARS regarding individual health needs and staff training. parents and pupils may also access the school nurse.

Learning strategies

We are small setting, with small classes and staff who are trained to support children with complex medical and mental health needs

Meeting child needs

Once a referral is accepted, you will receive a home visit and will be invited to look around our setting. You will then be able to discuss your child’s needs in more depth with senior members of staff.

Access to exams

Access arrangements are concessions given to allow fair access to tests, exams and assessments. In order to be eligible for access arrangements there needs to be a clear history of need evidenced by the pupils’ usual way of working in the classroom.

Access arrangements include: rest breaks, having a reader, scribe, extra time or modified exam papers. All arrangements are compliant with JCQ regulations.

Additional support or time for exams

If your child is eligible for access arrangements, you will be informed by letter or email.

Comfort, safety and socialising

We place a strong emphasis on supporting children’s wellbeing and have daily mindfulness sessions. Through PSHE, we discuss keeping safe with children. This includes e-safety.

We have weekly off-site visits into the community to help children socialise in different environments as well as preparing children for adulthood. This program includes opportunities to use public transport..

Social and emotional skills

STARS have a strong emphasis on support for pupils’ social and emotional needs.

We have two trained ELSAs (emotional literacy support assistants) who can offer regular support sessions when needed, and a TA trained in Drawing and Talking.

We also have a youth worker specialising in wellbeing through creative expression.

Tier 2 / Early Help Support in the Community

In addition to the examples above, our youth worker leads on developing community projects such as involving our pupils e.g. visiting care homes, or organising volunteering opportunities.

We also have a Parent & Family Support/ Senior Social Worker who works at STARS and supports families and pupils. She also liaises with, and makes referrals to, other services such as CAMHS and Social Services.

Our education projects coordinator oversees Post 16 transition and our careers programme which includes work experience opportunities.

Our outreach worker is also able to work with parents and children to support full attendance at STARS and engage in the curriculum.

Regular parent coffee mornings are held where information and support can be given. Parents are encouraged to support each other via a parent Whatsapp group.


We take issues of bullying very seriously and encourage children and parents to discuss any issues with us. An Anti-Bullying Policy is in place which seeks to support individuals and their families, it is reviewed annually, and pupil and parent view is sought. This policy can be accessed on our school website.

Disability support

STARS has an accessibility plan, which takes into account our duties under the Equality Act 2010.

All rooms are on the ground floor and are accessible for wheelchair users. Ramps are placed where necessary around the school site.

There is a separate toilet with access for wheelchair users.

Reasonable adjustments are where appropriate and following advice. Assistive technology is used where appropriate.

Accessing lessons

Your child's needs will be discussed with you regularly and if there are any difficulties you will be consulted. We regularly seek pupils' views about their learning. Please speak to staff if you have any concerns

Who we work with

All pupils attending STARS are dual registered with the school setting who made the referral to our service. We therefore have close links with our Primary, Secondary and Specialist schools.
We offer outreach support as agreed with referring schools.

At STARS we work with a number of agencies from the education, health, social and community sectors including:

Educational Psychology Service
Sensory Impairment Service
Cognus Therapies - occupational therapy and speech and language service.
Autism Support Service
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
Special Educational Needs Team
Social Care
Voluntary services
Jigsaw 4U
Post 16 education providers e/g/ SILC
LBS attendance service

Any referral will be subject to meeting the referral criteria for that service. Information about services which can be accessed directly by parents is found on the Local Authority ‘Local Offer’ website.

Other agencies

This varies according to the individual agency.

Informing parents and carers

Referral to other agencies will be discussed with parents and carers. Parental consent is sought in most cases before a referral is made to an external service.

Helping your child settle with confidence

Prior to admission to STARS, all pupils receive a visit from the Deputy/Assistant Head teacher. Close liaison with the previous school also takes place. – see Admissions Policy.
A transition package is agreed following the home visit in order to support your child manage the transition to STARS from their school.

If your child has an EHCP - the Local Authority will make a copy available to us prior to your child starting school.

When pupils are able to transition back into a mainstream school or specialist setting, we support them into the new school placements as required. This may include a split timetable between the two settings.

Post 16:
We have a dedicated member of staff, supported by an outreach worker, who facilitates transition. Pupils are supported at College interviews and with completion of applications.
We are able to access careers advice for individual pupils in year 11 and are able to refer to an individual transition coach where appropriate who can support pupils in the summer holiday and autumn term after they have left STARS to ensure they transfer to their college, apprenticeship or work placement.

Extended School Day

Our core hours for pupils are 9.15 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Breakfast is available during the morning break, and lunch is provided on site.
SEN transport may be available subject to availability.


We encourage you to refer to our website for information about STARS including our policies e.g. SEND, behaviour, equalities.


August 2020