Wandle Valley School - for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

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Address:Welbeck Road,Carshalton

Postcode:SM5 1LW

Contact:Miss Lynda Harris, Headteacher

Telephone:020 8648 1365



twitter: @WandleValleyA

Contact to discuss child needs

  • Miss Lynda Harris, Headteacher (SLT)
  • Mr Robert Brooks, Chair of the Academy Council
  • Mr Mark Jordan, CEO of PLT
  • Mr Oscar Sanders, Deputy Headteacher, Primary Lead (SLT) Data
  • Mrs Andrea Atkins, Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum Lead (SLT) Exams
  • Mrs Katherine Peck, Assistant Headteacher, Personal Development (SLT) TL Lead
  • Miss Charlotte Douglas Finning, Safeguarding Attendance Lead

About the school

Wandle Valley Academy is a specialist provision for pupils with SEMH needs (Social Emotional Mental Health). We have 80 pupil spaces shared across Secondary and Primary.

We have:

4 Primary Classes

10 Secondary Classes

  • Pupils that have been excluded from mainstream that have EHCPs.
  • Pupils that struggle to maintain behaviours in large classrooms and environments.
  • Pupils that struggle to follow the rigidity of the mainstream environment, due to a number of influencing factors e.g. behaviour challenges, sensory issues (uniform constraints) set environments and systems for delivering the curriculum.

Informing parents and carers

  • The Headteacher writes a weekly email to all parent/carers.
  • Wandle Valley produces a weekly Bulletin, which shows the highlights of the week, has a section with updates around therapies and also informs of any up and coming events.
  • Tutor and Support staff have weekly contact with parent/carers, either by phone or email.
  • Parent/carers are invited to attend Annual Reviews, Parent/Carer events (both virtual and in person).
  • Each pupil receives two school reports yearly, in addition to their Annual Review.
  • All therapeutic intervention is communicated and shared with parent/carers.

Updates on progress

As above.

If a child is not making progress

As above.


  • NC related and follows KS4 examination courses.
    • Alongside the above additional/alternative qualification and courses e.g. Princes, NCFE, AQAs, City and Guild, Trampolining and Fishing.
    • We provide a broad and balanced through 'Key Stages' curriculum that reflects the individual needs of our pupils, giving them the skills to navigate the 'big, wide world' when they leave us. Each cohort is considered when GCSE choices are offered in order to best suit individual needs and local employment opportunities
  • Preparation for Adult Life
    • Careers is embedded in our whole school curriculum and in KS4is a discrete lesson.
    • Preparation for the World of Work and Life Skills are embedded in the whole school curriculum and each subject has key basic skills that they focus on.
    • Within the curriculum, as part of the key basic skills, pupils learn, for example: how to read and understand bills, budget for fitting out a home, understand the costing of renting or buying properties, how to wash and iron clothes.
    • Pupils have the opportunity to visit local colleges.
    • Pupils take part in independent travel awareness courses.
    • Pupils have an opportunity to experience the college environments via taster sessions.
    • Funding dependant, pupils have the opportunity to take part in Vocational Course at College during KS4.
    • Pupils take part in a variety of visits (see above sections).

>Adapting for child needs

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Teacher flexibility of child needs

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Additional support

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Learning strategies

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Meeting child needs

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Access to exams

Wandle Valley has a qualified member of staff to carry out specialist assessment for a range of examinations access arrangements.

Additional support of time for exams

As above.

Comfort, safety and socialising

All non-contact time is supported by staff and play is directed where appropriate.

As Wandle Valley is a specialist SEMH provision, supporting and managing social interactions is key to the positive development of all our pupils.

Developing social and emotional skills

Wandle Valley Academy is a specialist provision for pupils with SEMH needs (Social Emotional Mental Health).

Enrichment/social activities:

  • Horse Riding
  • Fishing
  • Climbing
  • Swimming
  • Trampolining
  • Gardening
  • SILC
  • R2S
  • Well-being afternoons
  • Bikes
  • Bike maintenance
  • Breakfast club
  • Lunch time sports club
  • Cooking club
  • Activities and visits off site, including camping and visits to London
  • Theatre/Museum visits
  • Sporting Opportunities

Early Help Support in the Community (Tier 2)

Therapeutic Interventions:

  • 3 Days Cognus SALT - relating to Sutton pupils attending the school - across the whole school - across the whole cohort - primary to secondary - 2 days per week across the whole cohort - managed flexibly
  • 3 days additional SALT - bought in - across the school
  • 2 days Art Therapeutic Sessions - bought in - across the school
  • 2 days OT
  • 5 trained staff ELSA days
  • 1 trained staff counselling
  • 1 qualified member of staff in Dyslexia testing and support
  • 1 qualified member of staff to carry out specialist assessment for a range of examinations access arrangements.


Please see the policy on the school website (external link).

Disability Support

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a lift at the school.

Accessing Lessons

Although we are a special school we continue to teach a 'normal school curriculum' mimicking mainstream, but with the below that allows us to support the challenges that the pupils face daily.

  • Where appropriate we teach in 'vertical classes', for example they are used to support the learning and when groups are set up for Personal Development and for learning outside of the formal curriculum, these can be in mixed year groups.
  • We run personalised learning and targeted interventions for all our pupils, including remote and offsite learning where appropriate. 
  • Well-being sessions are part of the weekly timetable.
  • Our curriculum has well-being built into each day.
  • We run a specific SEMH curriculum which allows target sessions to support the pupils areas of need and challenge, these include groups for both boys and girls. 
  • Specific trips and activities take place for all pupils to support the learning of Basic Skills and to gain strategies to support positive social interaction and confidence in the outside world. 
  • Therapies are embedded throughout the school and offered to our pupils where appropriate. These include ELSA, Play Therapy, SALT, OT, Drama, Lego Therapy and Art.
  • Stake Holder and parent/carer engagement is a vital part of the school approach and this is supported by a variety of strategies e.g. specific parent/carer groups, weekly communication (in some cases daily) parent/carer pupil supported activities and regular home visits.
  • Collaborative work with outside agencies takes place within the curriculum and is supported by staff where appropriate. To help build positive relationships for both pupils and parent/carers and offer an understanding of the support that is on offer.
  • Personal Development is the foundation of the curriculum at Wandle Valley and it underpins all learning. 

Who we work with

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Working with other agencies

All agencies are invited to work within the school setting or where appropriate staff will support outside in a different environment.

Wandle Valley has excellent relationships with a large variety of outside agencies and are always welcome to any support and guidance that can be offered.

Wandle Valley support both the families and pupils in whatever capacity is required where appropriate and possible.

Informing parents and carers

Please see other sections

Helping your child settle with confidence

Please see the other sections of this document on communication with parent/carers.

Wandle Valley have an admissions process and this involves a number of visits, both with and without other pupils on site. We have a variety of rooms and areas to support our pupils and help to manage their anxieties.

Pupils that attend Wandle Valley do not only suffer from anxieties adn low confidence at times of transition through the year groups, a change in the day can create the same concerns as the changes to year groups or school.

As we are a through school, some of our pupils will move from Primary into Secondary with us and so are more acclimatised to the Secondary setting. As an extra supportive measure, we have two transition classes in year 7, this means that there are similarities to a primary setting and pupils remain with the class teacher for a number of lessons during the day.;

Extended school day

Wandle Valley support all pupils with a free breakfast and a hot lunch.

We also support all families and the local community with food and essential items throughout the week.

At this time we do not run after school clubs.


Read Wandle Valley's policies (external link).


November 2021