Smarter Bins Phase 3


Sutton High Street (split into four zones - see the map below)


6-month trial from June 2021

Bins to be removed

Zone 1 - X4 standard black litter bins

Zone 2 - X4 standard black litter bins

Zone 3 - X5 standard black litter bins

Zone 4 - X4 standard black litter bins

Bins to be installed

Zone 1 - X3 dual recycling and litter bins

Dual litter and recycling bin


Zone 2 - X4 covered black bins fitted with fill-level sensors

Example of the sensor fitted to standard Glasdon Jubilee Bin.

Zone 3 - X3 dual recycling and litter bins

Dual litter and recycling bin


Zone 4 - X2 Big Belly recycling bins

Big belly bin


Objectives of the trial:

In addition to the general benefits of introducing smart bins across the borough, we are looking for this trial on Sutton High Street to:

  • Enable us to learn more about how bins in the Sutton High Street area are being used.

  • Target resources to where they are needed most.

  • Reduce street clutter and improve the street scene on Sutton High Street.

  • Ensure litter bins do not overflow, improving street cleanliness.

  • Reduce vehicle movements in the area, cutting pollution and lowering our carbon emissions. 

  • Use compacting bins to reduce the number of collections made.

  • This trial will also be used to test different options for the collection of recycling. The quality and quantity of recycling collected will be assessed as part of the monitoring of the trial.

Map of trial location

A map to show changes to Sutton High Street as part of the smart bins trial.



A key of symbols used in the map of Sutton High Street




Monitoring and review:

We will be closely monitoring how the new bins are working during the trial period. Updates with key performance measures will be published on the Council’s website.


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