Cognus is committed to supporting children and young people with special educational needs (SEND) and their families/carers, providing advice, advocacy and training as well as the provision of home to school travel assistance, and other practical help.

SEND is identified in many ways, by a health visitor when the child is young, or a class teacher once the child is in school, for example. Professionals in the local area are trained and skilled in preparing children for adulthood in partnership with their parents/carers. It is through strong partnership work that barriers to learning can be identified, addressed and support provided.

Most children will be supported at their local mainstream school through quality first teaching and best endeavours. This should be coordinated via a SEND Support plan which will be reviewed with the parent/carer and child once a term. This will involve other professionals from Cognus when required, such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language therapists, Occupational therapists, Early Intervention team, and Autism team, as well as external professionals such as CAMHS, social care, paediatricians, to name a few. Find the Educational Psychology Service - Phone Consultations for Parents & School Staff (office form). 

The SEND team co-ordinate the statutory SEND processes, helping children and young people (aged 0 to 25) with exceptional educational needs and disabilities to meet their potential. The team ensures all professionals place the individual at the centre of everything they do. This is accomplished by knowing the individual and their family's views, wishes and aspirations.

The team also offer workshops to Sutton parents and carers on matters of interest related to the statutory processes and partnership work.

To find out more, please email or call 020 8323 0454.

Department for Education

Find out more information on what the Department for Education advise Local Authorities to expect from educational settings. 

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What support will a child or young person be entitled to?

The support for a child or young person will vary depending on their needs. For example, it may include:

  • a special learning programme 
  • extra help from a teacher or a learning support assistant
  • making or changing materials and equipment
  • working with the child or young person in a small group
  • helping other children and young people interact with the child or young person (for example, playing with them at break time)

SEND Information Reports

Every educational setting within Sutton must publish as SEND information report about the SEND provision the school makes. You can find this on the educational setting's website. You can also ask the child or young person's class teacher or the setting's SENDCo for information on the SEND provision made by the school.



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