Dfe number
319 5406
Contact details
Pound Street, Carshalton, SM5 3PS
020 8642 2025
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Head Teacher
Ms M Noone
Open Evening Dates
Tuesday 14 September 2021, Please check the school website for booking arrangements. Queries to the Admissions Manager by email admissions@stphils.org.uk
Places available and applications received
Places available for September 2022: 234
Applications received for September 2021: 837
School's Profile
The school has a total of 234 places available in Year 7, which includes pupils with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan. When over subscription occurs, the first 204 places will be allocated according to the priorities in section A. An additional 30 places will be allocated as set out in section B (see below).

St Philomena's Catholic High School for Girls is an 11-18 Catholic comprehensive school, with approximately 1450 students. Applications are assessed in terms of membership of and commitment to the Catholic faith and should be supported by a priest known to the family.
School Admissions Criteria
The main order of priority for admission is:
Category A
Where applications exceed the number of places available, priority will be given in the following order:

1. Looked After Catholic girls or Looked After girls in the care of Catholic families and previously Looked After Catholic girls who have been adopted or who have become the subject of a residence order, child arrangements order or guardianship order.

2. Catholic girls who have been baptised and who have made their First Holy Communion and who attend weekly Mass for three years or more and have a sibling who will be in the school in the academic year starting September 2022.

3. Baptised Catholic Girls who have made their First Holy Communion. Girls in this category will then be placed within one of the following sub-categories as shown in the table below:

Mass Attendance
a. Weekly Mass for 3 years or more
b. Occasional Mass attendance, i.e. once or twice a month for 3 years or more
c. Irregular Mass attendance, i.e., less than once a month for 3 years or more
d. Mass attendance for less than 3 years
e. Candidate not known to priest

4. Other Baptised Catholic girls.

5. Other Looked After and other previously Looked After girls who have been adopted or who have become the subject of a residence order, child arrangements order or guardianship order.

6. Girls from other Christian denominations including Eastern Orthodox, whose membership is supported by their Religious Leader.

7. Girls of other faiths whose membership is supported by their Religious Leader.

8. Other Girls.

Note: The school is normally over-subscribed by Category 2 and 3 applicants.

Category B: 30 Additional Places
These additional 30 places are for Baptised Catholic girls who have made their first Holy Communion, who have not gained a place under category ‘A’ above, and are resident in the Sutton Catholic Deanery. If oversubscribed they will be ranked in accordance with the Table above.

In the event of over-subscription in any of the above categories, applications will be ranked as follows:

1. Where there are professionally supported medical, pastoral or social reasons why the Candidate should be admitted to the School and not to any other school for which the Candidate may be eligible. Supporting written evidence from a doctor, priest, social worker or educational welfare officer must be supplied at the time of application or subsequently, but before the closing date for applications. Although the Admissions Committee may, at its discretion, make enquiries to satisfy itself as to the matters referred to in the material supplied, it will not be required to make any independent investigation and it will be entitled to rely entirely on the material supplied by the applicant.

2. Proximity to the school from the candidate’s home address, the distance measured in a straight line from the school entrance at the junction of Shorts Road and Alma Road by the London Borough of Sutton using a Geographical Computerised Information System with those living closer to the school receiving the higher priority. The address to be used in the initial allocation of places will be the address on 31 October unless a subsequent move has been accepted for allocation purposes.

Where two or more applicants share a priority for a place, the school will draw lots to determine the rank position of each child.
Faith School Additional Information
Applicants for this school are required to complete a Supplementary Information Form.
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