Dfe number
319 5404
Contact details
Manor Lane, Sutton, SM1 4AS
020 8642 3821
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Head Teacher
Mr B Cloves BSc MEd
Open Evening Dates
Tuesday 22 September 2021, 4.00 - 9.00 pm
Test Dates
Eligibility Test – Tuesday 14 September 2021
Second Stage Test: For those eligible - 2 October 2021. Shared with Wilson’s School.
Places available and applications received
Places available for September 2022: 135
Number of male candidates at Selective Eligibility Test for September 2021: 2727
Number of candidates at second stage test for September 2021: 1023
Number of candidates deemed eligible for a selective place following the second stage test: 838
Number of eligible candidates who made an application through the Common Application Form: 615
School's Profile
Sutton Grammar School is a selective school for boys. Girls are admitted to the Sixth Form. There are approximately 1000 pupils in the school. Sutton Grammar School, Greenshaw High School, Nonsuch High School for Girls, Wallington County Grammar School, Wallington High School for Girls and Wilson’s School will be holding a joint Selective Eligibility Test on Tuesday 14 September 2021. To register for this test, you must have completed the Selective Eligibility Test form by midnight on the 13 August 2021, which could have be accessed via the website of any of the participating schools (see page 7 -8 for more details). Parents will receive the outcome of this first-stage testing on Tuesday 21 September 2021. Those boys deemed eligible will be invited to take a second set of tests for Sutton Grammar School; the tests will be shared with Wilson’s School. The second stage tests will be held on Saturday 2 October 2021.

If your son is invited to the second stage tests, you will be notified as to whether or not he has met the required standard by email. Meeting the required standard does not constitute an offer of a place. Parents should note that while Sutton Grammar School and Wilson’s School are sharing a second stage test, each school will be treating the results of the test in accordance with its own admissions criteria. Please visit the website of each school for further details.
School Admissions Criteria
After the allocation of places to qualified boys with an EHCP, places are allocated to eligible candidates in the following order:

1. Boys who are looked after by a local authority or were previously looked after. Supporting evidence of the status will be required.

2. 75 places by rank order of the scores in the selection tests where the home address of the boy is in one of the postcodes SM1 to 7, KT4, KT17, CR0 4--, CR4.

3. Up to 60 places (plus any remaining places in criterion 2 if the number of qualified boys in criterion 2 is less than the 75 on offer) by rank order of the scores in the selection tests from any home address.
Selective Eligibility Test Information
The final score will be rounded to the nearest four marks. There will usually be several boys with the same final score. Where the admission of all of these would exceed the number of places available, places will be allocated by proximity of the boy's home address (measured in a straight line) to the front door of the School in Manor Lane. All distances will be measured using a computerised Geographical Information System maintained by the London Borough of Sutton.

Applicants for this school were required to complete a supplementary form which is the online registration form for the Selective Eligibility Test on the school’s website. The closing date for registrations was midnight on 13 August 2021.
Distance offered to in previous 3 years