Our staff are highly skilled and work very closely with our multi-agency partners (Health Visitors, Speech and Language Therapy, Community Paediatricians, specialist teams eg, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, etc.) to ensure that every child’s needs are met and that with an individualised, bespoke learning programme, all children are able to make very good progress alongside their peers.  


All London Borough of Sutton Preschools have been judged by Ofsted to be ‘Good or ‘Outstanding’ and we are tremendously proud of our fully inclusive and nurturing environments and the early learning experience we are able to offer all children, including those with complex needs.


The Early Years Framework

 Prime and Specific Areas of Learning are taught to support children to remain an effective and motivated learner:

Prime areas:

.    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

.    Communication and Language

.    Physical Development

Specific areas:

.    Literacy

.    Mathematics

.    Understanding the World

.    Expressive Arts and Design      


Children do not wear any uniform in our settings. We ask for suitable clothing to have fun in. 

Snack Time

Each Preschool provides a mid-morning snack which is provided by Warburton’s.  We do ask parents and carers to provide some fruit or vegetables for snack time. 


We ask you to provide your child’s own nappies, wet wipes and spare clothes.


Preparation tips on starting Pre School

1. Visit the Preschool and attend Children’s Centre activities in the preferred setting.

2. Read books with your child.

3. Act the stories out.

4. Encourage independence skills such as taking his/her own coat on and off.

5. Express and acknowledge feelings.