Sutton’s A-level and BTec students* look set to have another year of success with exam results today

18 Aug 2022

Sutton’s A-level and BTec students* are set for another year of success, in the first year since the pandemic that students have been able to sit exams, with results today (Thursday 18 August) showing a continuing trend of rising achievement.

Sutton schools have achieved a preliminary average A or A* pass grade of 52% - well above the national figure of 44.8% getting A or A* grades in England - and a preliminary average A* - C pass rate of 90.4% against a national average of 82.6%.

This year’s results show an overall increase on 2019, the last year that exams were sat in person - schools across the borough have been celebrating their impressive results and the hard work of their pupils and staff.

Simon Barber, Principal at Carshalton Boys Sports College, said: “We’ve been super excited here today. Lots of happy faces and tears from students and teachers! We’re thrilled that our students have achieved their best results ever, and we are very, very proud of them all.”

Nathan Cole, Chair of the Sutton Secondary Headteachers’ Forum, said: “The young people receiving their results today experienced the first national lockdown as they approached their GCSE examinations and a return to remote learning for several months at the beginning of 2021, not long after they had commenced their post 16 studies. The pandemic taxed them in so many ways and made what is already a challenging time in any young person’s life doubly so. 

“Their resilience, hard work and good humour, supported by the love (and patience!) of their parents and carers and the indefatigable efforts of school staff are cause for celebration today! We are very proud of the young people of Sutton and wish them every happiness in their future endeavours.”

Councillor Marian James, Chair of Sutton Council’s People Committee, said: “

“2022 has been another exceptional year for our A Level students who are still dealing with the impact of the pandemic and the huge disruption that it had on their learning and wellbeing. But yet again, Sutton students have risen to the challenge and can all take pride in their amazing achievements - I wish them all hearty congratulations on their results today! 

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Sutton’s teachers, leaders and support staff across schools and settings, for their dedication and passion in supporting their students, and getting them through this critical and challenging time.”

* A Levels, T Levels and other post 16 qualifications

Nationally, top grades have fallen compared with the previous 2 years, although they remain higher than in 2019. Sutton schools are still performing well above the national average in terms of exams achieving A*-A, A*-B and A*-C.