What challenges do we face?

So far, with your help, Sutton Council has saved £85m since austerity began (between 2010/11 and 2018/19) but we still face increased pressure on our budget which require further cuts:

  • the borough will have lost 40% of Government funding from 2010 until 2019

  • we still need to save £22m from the annual budget by 2023

  • there continue to be pressures on health and social services as a result of growing numbers of children in need and our ageing local population

  • since 2014 there has been a 40% increase in pupils with Special Education Needs

What are we doing about it?

Since 2010, Sutton Council has been reviewing all areas of its work in order to make savings. This has included commissioning services with other boroughs, reducing the number of senior managers and staff, and saving millions in care of the elderly by supporting residents to stay in their homes longer through measures including greater day-to-day support and putting people in control of their own budgets.

Last year, Sutton Council introduced Outcome Based Commissioning as a way of ensuring we deliver services as efficiently as possible. Spanning the four main new corporate priorities (Being Active, Making Informed Choices, Living Well Independently, Keeping People Safe and Smarter Ways of Working) they will review the majority of council business. The commissioning reviews will identify opportunities to improve services and deliver financial savings.

What are we working to achieve?

In 2018, Sutton Council set out it's priorities until 2023, this plan is called 'Ambitious for Sutton'.

These ambitions and exciting plans are underpinned by shared values and ensure Sutton continues to enjoy a reputation as a great place to live, work and raise a family, despite the challenges local services face.

To learn more about Ambitious for Sutton, please visit Ambitious for Sutton information

How is my council tax spent?

You can have a look at our Council Tax booklet for council tax breakdown.